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Max Polyakov Describes The Future Of Computerized Marketing

Marketing as the art and science of choosing target markets, analyzing consumers and their fervours, has long started to move into the digital space. Marketing improving approaches to the process of establishing communication with the consumer and identifying the connection between different points of the market.

Max Polyakov's Noosphere

Max Polyakov in his research point that in the era of millennials, the closeness of marketing to its audience becomes critically important. Analyzing communication channels and targeting the client’s personality plays a big role thanks to new technologies. Clique Media Group, the owner of popular sites WhoWhatWear, MyDomain and Byrdie, have investigated how the younger generation reacts to new technologies and approaches. Young people perceive new messages only if there is complete openness and sincerity. Marketers need to rethink the marketing lifecycle and challenge their target audience personally, inspire them and tell a good story. All this using digital tools.

If marketing is integrating with IT, systems begin work much faster, calculations are more accurate and in most cases, error-free and the results can be transferred over any distance by other users and applications. Max Polyakov confirms that in this way, the main resources for increasing the efficiency of the work for marketers are concentrated in digitalization. In this case, marketers plays the role of business, marketing and data processing integrator.

The most important advantage of internet marketing and advanced analytics tools is transparency. Analysts can observe all reports and results, characteristics of each user segment and can edit all the settings. In his scientific work Max Polyakov, co-founder of the Association Noosphere, says that the essential and perhaps final benefit of internet marketing is the cost of its research tools. Hypothesis testing in the virtual world can be conducted with smaller and even zero budgets.

One of the underestimated features that should be introduced in information marketing systems is the flexibility of changing markets. Marketing by default should have the ability to adapt to changes in marketing functions and the scope of their use under the influence of global economic trends. It ensures a minimum level of the company dependence, both on the impact of the outer environment and changes in its own strategy.

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