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Why Carrom Board Online Is One of the Most Trending Sports

Carrom is a diverse game that can be played in both singles and doubles. It is one of the most enthralling games to pay with one’s family or friends to have fun, be it during weekdays, weekends or holidays. It is so popular that there are now many online Carrom board apps that make it easy for people to play anytime, anywhere. Carrom rules are the same across all the platforms.

Playing Carrom

Carrom is played on a square board called the Carom board. There are 3 kinds of pucks: 9 white, 9 black and 1 red. While white and black pucks are called Carrom men, the red puck is called the Queen. The Queen holds the highest value among all the pucks. There are four pockets at the four corners of the board. A player needs to pocket all their pucks (black or white, as decided) as well as the Queen if it has not already been pocketed. The player who pockets all their pucks and the Queen first wins the game.

Carrom rules are easy to understand and fun to play with. Players just need to pocket their Carrom men in any of the four pockets. However, there is a twist. Players have to cover the Queen by pocketing one of their Carrom men immediately after pocketing the Queen. If a player pockets the Queen and fails to pocket a Carrom man in the subsequent shot, the Queen is brought back to the game and placed in the centre of the board.

What Makes Online Carrom Board One of the Most Trending Games?

  • Carrom or playing with dart sets brings a family together and creates a bond between family members. Since people do not usually get time to get together physically these days due to their being in different places, online Carrom is an interesting option for families and friends to connect.
  • Carrom is a recreational and a team-building activity, hence employed people also love to play this game online. They can challenge their colleagues online as well as play tournaments.
  • Online Carrom games are easily available across websites and apps. If someone is traveling alone, they can play the game on the mobile on the go without any inconvenience. Even on picnics, you need not carry a real Carrom board with you: you can just go online and start playing the game. Also, these games are available to play free of cost. In many games, there is an option of choosing to play the game at multiple tables at once. You can either play it with your family or friends, or you can challenge any players from across the world. It is also possible to play the game with the computer as opposed to human players.
  • The online Carrom board is very convenient and handy. It’s almost impossible to carry a board everywhere you go. Online games are handy as they can be played on the mobile.
  • Carrom is played by every age group, be it young children, teenagers or old people. It is popular with people of all ages.

Earlier Carrom was only popular in South East Asian countries; however, post the establishment of the International Carrom Federation (ICF), the game is played as a professional sport worldwide and it has become popular around the globe. As online Carrom tournaments are interesting to play, the game is emerging as one of the best loves sports across the world. If you are looking to choose the best online Carrom board game, check it out here.

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