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The Positive And Negative Effects On Student Achievement

Yes – technology is everywhere and plays a vital role in the educational sector all over the world. With the dramatic increases in technology, the students are utilizing technology without knowing their positive and negative impacts. Remember that technology has numerous positive and negative effects on student achievement.

No doubt that technology does assist with making fundamental things quicker. If we talk about a few years past, professors are using chalkboards, and then with the time, it improved to whiteboards. Similarly, today’s, students around all over the globe are using several gadgets of technology includes laptops, multimedia, tablets and mobile phones to understand the studying material more better. The students become smarter with the ease of technology; they start organizing their grades by using the incredible gadget of cgpa calculator and upload their grades on the student portal.

Well, give a read to this article to know about the positive & negative effects of technology on student achievements. We are here going to list the most prominent positive & negative outcomes of technology that you needs to know.

Positive and Negative Effects of technology on Student Achievement:

Stay with us:

Positive Outcomes:

These are some positive effects:

Facts at Fingertips:

Yes, being a student, you are responsible for keeping the facts at your fingertips. So, with the ease of technology, it becomes easier. If the college library is outdated and students can’t find enough educational material, then they can use a computer lab or digital encyclopedias to compile the necessary research of relevant educational material.

Access to a huge informational background:

The students access numerous online tools through which they’ll get knowledge regarding their study. They just enter the specific information into the search engines and get millions of search results within a couple of seconds. Many web directories provide information on different topics that student can easily access to gain information. Students access additional information on their respective topics by accessing the internet.

Distance Education Made Modern:

In the past, students can face lots of difficulties while taking distance or continuing education classes. For distance learning, first, they have to enrol at community colleges and universities, after that, they would receive course documents in the mail, and then would be required to mail their assignments to his instructor at the educational institution. No doubt that this process is time taking & complicated. Thanks to technology through which distance education become modern as students can get the courses through the internet at their convenience.

Students can check themselves:

Yes, modern multimedia personal computer programs make it possible for students to visualize the result of their actions. Don’t forget the importance of technology in education. Remember that use of computer creates the lesson attractive also genuinely modern. In this event, an individualization of the training arises, control and outlining are provided exactly in time and students have zero requirements in looking for the answers by themselves. Apart from it, the student can also be able to determine their grading system by utilizing cgpa calculator. If you want to organize or determine your grading system, then visit

Local Learning, Global Reach:

Thanks to technology as students from various parts of the globe can readily meet their counterparts through video conferencing without leaving their educational institute. Many web directories are available that allow students to learn foreign languages online by pairing a group of college students with a teacher from another nation.

Negative Outcomes:

Following are the negative effects that you should know:

Waste of valuable time:

It is understood that it is the human being who built technology, not the tech which created a human. No doubt, humans aren’t error-free; similarly, technology doesn’t come error-free. While utilizing internet students face lots of problem such as sever malfunction along with connectivity issues that take lots of time to troubleshoot, that’s why it’s the matter of frustration both for the students and the instructors. So, wastage of time due to unnecessary problems is not at all preferable approach in any learning institutes where every second is valuable for the students.

Misguided by the wrong information:

With the dramatic development of technology, the owner of the site urges to ranking factor; they try to rank their websites higher in search engines, so they just pay attention to site positions instead of the content that they are posting. Many sites are posting incorrect information that is copied and pasted from other sources without assessing its own authenticity. These points can perhaps become significant challenges within their development.

If anyone can post anything on the websites, then it is quite difficult to examine whether the information is true or false. Students get lots of information from the internet for the sake of better achievements, but in actual they spoil their future by adopting misinformation.

Increase rate of cyberbullying:

Maybe you have an idea about cyberbullying! Yes, it is an illegal activity in which many students fall around all over the world. Today’s students can easily access to various umpteen accounts which expect them to enter into the darkened tunnel of harassment that has an entry, but no departs at times. With this illegal activity, students spoil their bright future. Many educational institutes around all over the globe run various campaigns to stop cyberbullying.

Student Distraction:

No doubt that technology allows the students to access the information, but additionally, it provides many further distractions. Nowadays, students spend lots of time on social media sites & TV shows. Yes, this addition of social sites is badly disrupted their study routine; it is a fact that students feel much good staying on Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook, or Twitter instead of studying. When they utilize insta, snapchat etc., they don’t care about anything!

Distraction is the most prominent effect of technology on student’s education. Remember that these distractions can hamper students overall progress and their potential success. So, it is imperatively important that instructors should have to monitor the students for their better achievements.

How to Reduce the Negative Effects of Technology on Student Achievement:

Strange, but true! No doubt we aren’t able to remove the technology to avoid all the risks, but for some better achievements, you ought to consider the following:

  • Parents ought to convey more attention to their children means they have to monitor their daily activities and should limit the use of technology. And should examine that in which way their child utilize the gadgets
  • The instructors should have to individually tell their students about privacy in cyberspace and potential risks and dangers. And should convey more awareness about cyberbullying through annual campaigns
  • Parents ought to encourage their child to read books instead of e-books “electronic books.”

The Final Words:

According to several optimistic, technology is the prior need for every student & they are relying on it for their better academic career. In conclusions, parents, educational instructors ought to adopt the necessary step to ensure that students are using technology within the legal way. By doing this, the negative role will be reduced if not eradicated entirely! Parents and educational authorities are responsible for giving place for students to benefit fully from technology.

Well, we hope that these are enough positive and negative effects to examine which way is suitable for your academically career. Good Luck!

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