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Top 8 Social Media Hacks for Construction Company

Social media is a channel that, when used in the right manner, can prove to be very effective in achieving marketing goals. Most of the people who have internet access and a smartphone are active on social media. It acts as a medium to reach and connect with the target audience and buyers directly. This can give you potential leads, and bidding opportunities.

Why is Social Media Important for Construction Business?

Posting the right content on social media can position you as an expert in your field so when the time comes that a user may need your services, you’ll be the ones they go to. Having people engage with your brand will lead to more client leads, more projects for you to takeoff, and new contracts.

Most of the construction companies have also understood the importance of social media and are putting their best efforts to keep their viewers engaged. It helps in building a positive and trustworthy image of your construction business. With just one post, you can attract local as well as viewers around the country. Social media also keeps you updated about the ongoing market trends. You can keep a closer look at your competitors, keep track of their existing and upcoming projects.

Social media marketing also helps you in achieving your marketing goals like improving traffic, generating potential leads, spreading brand awareness, building brand image, increasing sales, etc. Another essential benefit of social media is that it allows you to learn from your mistakes and bring improvement. Check your audiences’ and clients’ feedback, acknowledge it, and take it seriously. This will not only help you in bringing improvement but would also show your viewers that they are essential for you. This would strengthen the bond between you and your viewers and would lay the foundation for long-term relationships.

Many businesses think that social media is all about the number of likes, dislikes, and shares. Well, that’s actually not the case.

Here are some social media hacks that would help you in achieving your marketing goals and keeping your viewers engaged.

Advance Planning

Just like any other marketing strategy, the success of social media marketing highly depends on the planning and execution of the strategy. Social media channels are active 24/7. To keep your audience engaged, you need to post and share content regularly. Be selective about social media channels. Identify social media channels where your target viewers are most active. Find out their likes and dislikes and create content accordingly. Inactivity on your part may result in losing your viewers to your competitors. Work out a long-term plan for your social media campaign. It’s advisable to schedule your post well in advance to avoid any of the inactivity on your part.

Recurrent Posting

As discussed earlier, being active is very important in social media marketing. To keep your viewers engaged, you need to post or share original, exciting, and authentic content regularly. The content can be in the form of a text, image, or even a video. Avoid posting similar content again and again as your audience might find it repetitive and give the next construction company attention!

Visuals Treat

Well, there is no doubt that visual-based content like photos and videos tend to get more attention as compared to text. Share images of your completed projects and ongoing projects. This way, you can keep your viewers updated. You can also create a video of your completed projects, and to give a personal touch, you can be the voice of your own video. You can provide essential information regarding your projects like the construction estimating time. This way, you can not only engage your viewers but can also enhance your relationship with them.

You can either make the video by yourself or can also outsource it to the pros.

Content Rich

An important thing to keep in mind while posting content is to post relevant content only. Avoid sharing content just for the heck of it. Viewers like and share the posts they are entertained by, inspired by, or are educated by.

Ideal Posting Time

Timing plays a crucial role in social media marketing. It’s advisable to post content when your viewers are most likely to be online. This way, you can achieve the maximum out of your content. Suppose you posted an interesting content at a time when there is hardly any audience to acknowledge it. Your efforts will go in vain. Also, social media is so active that by the time your viewers would come online, your post might become stale.

Embrace Your Audience

The ultimate aim of any marketing strategy is to create a campaign keeping customers close to the campfire. Give priority to your viewer’s likings and requirements. Understand your viewer’s needs and create content based on it. Don’t run after likes and shares, create content that makes your audience appreciate it. If your audience loves your content, they will inevitably share it.

Post to Engage

Be clear about the goals you want to achieve from your social media campaign. Create content that would keep your viewers engaged and would ultimately help you in achieving your goals.

Monitor Comments Wisely

Ignoring negative feedback is quite easy, but it’s advisable to avoid that habit on social media. Social media channels are quite transparent, and your viewers can see whether you take their opinions seriously or not. Hence, it’s essential to acknowledge all kinds of feedback. If there is any misunderstanding, try to clear it up with your community. If there is any query from the viewer’s side, be sure to answer them. By doing this, you will create a positive image of your business, and your viewers would also appreciate that you take their feedback seriously.


When used wisely, social media can act as one of the most vital marketing tools. Create your business profile page and share content that keeps your viewers engaged. Handle your social media marketing with care, one small mistake on your part can cost you a lot.

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