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How to Find a Good Internet Deal in Your Area

As we use the internet in our home more and more it becomes clear that having a reliable and speedy internet connection is becoming as much of a necessity as having running water and electricity. We rely upon the internet for a massive amount of different means of communications, we use it to stream our favorite tv shows and movies, to connect online to play video games, for online banking services. All of these are but a fraction of the ways that we will use the internet in our homes on a daily basis. So it is understandable then that we are always going to be looking for the best internet deals that are out there.

But one thing that needs to be taken into account when we are considering and searching for an internet connection is simply what is actually available in our local area or in our state. As different states have had different levels of internet infrastructure set up, so depending on where you live might affect what deal you are able to get. So whether you live on the east coast or the west coast, somewhere in California, or somewhere in North Dakota can be extremely important in determining the level of internet that you may have access to.

The reason for there being different levels of internet connections available in different areas comes down to the way that internet has been set up as it requires for there to be an extremely large network of wires set up beneath the ground so that further connections can be set up with the buildings that make use of the larger network. So then in the case of somewhere in California, it is the case very often that in a town there that the network of wires that has been installed under the ground is that of fiber-optic, whereas in North Dakota, for instance, the wires that are installed are traditional and older copper wiring.

So for the fiber-optic that is set up in California, it is a totally different type of technology to the copper wiring, even though they are designed to achieve the same goal and at the most basic of levels they work the same way. As both types of wiring and cabling carry information to and from buildings they are connected through the transfer of signals. The fiber optic in place in California does this through transferring beams of light through the extremely thin fiber-optic cables, allowing for it to travel incredibly fast whereas copper wiring transmits electrical current. The wires are also made of different materials, as fiber-optic is made up of glass, whereas the copper wiring is quite obviously made up of copper. The difference in the materials used affects the standard of performance, as the metal used in the copper wiring is likely to be interfered with by electromagnetic currents which can cause the signal to be lost resulting in a slower connection speed. The glass used in fiber-optic that can be found in California is far more durable and is not subject to the same interference as it is not made out of anything that can be affected by any electromagnetic signals allowing for it to work with less interference and as such the speeds provided are far quicker.

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