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How Is Technology Driving Online Gambling In The UK?

According to the UK Gambling Commission’s newest report, remote gambling, including casino games, bingo online and betting, made up 38.8% of the market share for the national gambling revenue. This share generated as much as £5.6 billion which overtook both the offline casinos (7.4%) and the National Lottery (20.6%).

Online gambling is one of the fastest-growing entertainment sectors in the UK, bringing constant progress and… continuous profit. The virtual gaming space has been winning over traditional casino year over year, reshaping the gambling landscape as we always knew it. With a massive advantage of online casino over brick-and-mortar gambling venues, the virtual world takes over the entertainment sector by storm. What makes it so lucrative and superior to the real-life casino experience?

Technology shapes a faster and better change

Technological advancement in nearly all sectors of online gambling is the biggest driver behind the industry’s progress. From device improvements to the revolution in available payment methods to the employment of AI in casino games, the UK scene constitutes one of the leading online gambling markets in the world. It sets up high standards that many countries fail to keep up with, due to the technological infrastructure that has driven the UK to the position where it is now.

Accessibility to all information at all times is clearly the key development of modern times. It’s not different in the case of online casinos. Think mobile – no more PC enchainment, no more location dependency, just pure freedom of use. Playing casino on mobile devices or betting on the go are the new “normal”, rather than some extraordinary types of behaviour we might have never heard of before. Mobile phones and tablets are our best friends and life-time companions and they surely come in hand for all casino players and bettors who look for an instant dose of thrill.

Now, it’s crucial to mention the role of the Internet. Without it, the above-mentioned activities would be nothing but a theoretical scenario. The recent introduction of 5G technology in the UK has enabled better than ever accessibility to online casinos, improving the quality of live game experiences significantly. With an improved, faster and more user-friendly casino experience, gambling operators provide a beneficial environment that traditional venues simply can’t compete with. The “remote” is what a modern player needs to find a balance in the world that isn’t slowing down but instead offers more and more without stretching the day in time. We’re greedy and curious and by relying on the virtual space we create opportunities we would never find time for or occasions to try in the real world.

Money spent well safely

Fast and simple – these two words probably describe best what our expectations from an online casino are. Just like with the case of a mobile device, a modern player who decides on using their hard-earned money on playing casino needs to have a guarantee this can be done easily and safely. With the rise of new, more and more convenient payment methods, the UK casino lovers can seamlessly deposit and withdraw money. PayPal, Neteller, Skrill and tens of other types of payments have rolled out in recent years, giving users an endless list of possibilities to manage their funds when playing casino.

The fintech world is growing and the iGaming world doesn’t stay behind, providing users with features that enable them to find top-quality entertainment rather than frustration resulting from poorly managed casino platforms. The competition between gambling companies, which proliferated in the online space massively, is fierce and only thanks to constant improvements and additions one can win a player’s trust. And trust surely needs to be established between two parties when the money is involved. For this reason, all the reputable online casinos and sportsbooks offer their customers a transparent deposit and withdrawal policy, together with the detailed payment procedures to make sure players never spend their money insecurely.

The SSL-encryption (standard encryption protocol) is now a standard in the industry, which adds an extra layer of safety for players sharing their personal and sensitive information in the web. It would be a lie to assume that it’s impossible to attack or compromise SSL-encrypted sites but this little padlock featuring next to the casino address in a web browser indicates that all data provided by a player is codified while it travels across the internet. There’s no such thing like too much safety, right?

Virtual is the new “real”

Technological innovations have altered the way we see the reality, with the “virtual” often substituting the “real” life. Now, we’re shifting from differentiating between two separate spaces for the sake of one, consistent Virtual Reality. The online gambling industry clearly took a liking to this phenomenon and has been rapidly introducing players to a completely new sphere of casino games.

By generating an immersive atmosphere of “real experience”, operators now offer players an alternative to both traditional and “just” online entertainment. Why choose one when you can have two instead? VR is absorbing, interactive and stimulating. The 3D environment is built on digital representations of physical casinos, where players can access them and place wagers just as they would in any brick-and-mortar establishment. It’s now believed to be the most exciting landscape in the UK’s iGaming market, where a number of companies continue to innovate and translate this novelty to the mass gambling scene.

From the present perspective, it’s simply impossible to determine what the future of online gambling will be but based on the most recent developments, we can expect a newer, more advanced and more player-focused approach. VR is on the rise, revolutionising the industry and exceeding expectations of many players, and mobile is king, winning the interest of customers who value flexibility. Stay put, as the change is rapid and happens as you’re reading this article. What’s unimaginable today might as well be the next year’s standard, so embrace the change and be part of this exciting gambling journey.

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