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7 important Instagram analytics that will boost your Instagram marketing game

As most Instagram marketing agencies will tell you, Instagram is growing as one of the most powerful social media networks in the whole worldwide. The scope of marketing on Instagram is so enormous that it can lead any business or brand to great heights with 1000 followers on Instagram. However, one should be wise enough to understand the analytics on Instagram. So it is imperative to keep track of your daily performance on Instagram and measure results accordingly. In this article, we have tried to describe some of the best Instagram analytics one should use to make money with Instagram affiliate marketing.

1. Know your target audience

In order to generate more leads through Instagram marketing, it is crucial to understand the needs and interests of your customers. Learning about your users will help you better promote your product or service. Since users are the greatest asset to every business, it is very necessary to post for users. Audience insight helps you discover the content type and format users like the most along with their demographics. To know your target audience, you can study the influencers behind your competitors. To find these Instagramers, you can use an instagram influencer search tool, so that everything you share on your Instagram platform is following your audience interests.

2. Unique and attractive content

With unique and appealing content ideas, you can easily catch the attention of your users and convert them into potential leads. An example of a unique content idea would be to feature a waterproof drone in a video showing how it can land on water instead of presenting just some specs in a photo of it. Take your time to create share-worthy content. Through Instagram insights, you can get a clear view of what type of content is leading more engagement. It is also important to note that you post what your business is related to. Since, on Instagram, you can only communicate through images, so be promising in delivering quality images with quality content to your users. US essay writing service can help you with any content you may need.

3. Post at the right time

Whether it is blog posts or Instagram post, it needs to be done at the right time. With the help of insights, you can get to know when your users are most active or what posts get most likes and comments. Based on that, you can post at relevant times and get massive engagement from your users. However, you can always test your best timings by posting at different schedules. The demographics and habits of your users keep on changing, so it is always recommended to post as per your insights.

4. Learn about your engagement rate

Engagement refers to a user’s feeling described to your posts or images. Instagram engagement is a useful metric that allows evaluating how your account is performing. It includes the number of likes, comments, views, interactions, impressions and profile visits a post receives. As per the data shows, you can always modify your marketing strategy on Instagram and generate a high level of engagement from your users.

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Engagement rate should be tracked either weekly, monthly, quarterly or yearly. The results you gained over a more substantial period will better show how useful your posts are. Even though you are not receiving high engagement in comparison to your competitors, you can always make a comparative analysis for your posts and find out the best ones. It has been proven that video content gets the most engagement than pictures.

5. Get an insight into your follower’s growth rate

Follower’s growth rate is another significant Instagram analytics that caters to the engagement and promotion of a brand or business. Always keep a check on your follower’s counts over a period of time. Increase in followers will help you analyze what type of content or posts are taking people’s attention, likewise provoking them to follow your account. For instance, you have a consistent number of followers, but then you notice a sudden increase in followers after a week. Then you should keep an eye on what excites users about your Instagram account.

6. Utilize the power of hashtags

Using relevant hashtags is as vital as using hashtags is. Use hashtags that are related to your niche and can help more people recognize you as a famous brand in the respective niche. You can understand the hashtags game through Instagram insights by checking which hashtags are getting more impressions and likes on each post. However, it is always suggestive to not use unnecessary and unlimited hashtags as they can ban your account.

7. Instagram stories

Instagram stories are the most popular way of promoting your brand on Instagram. It is an accessible way to interact with your users and know their views on your products. Instagram insights give you information regarding how many people viewed your story, how many impressions were created and other things. You can make use of features like location tagging, hashtags, stickers, emojis, and polls to facilitate brand engagement. All you need to do is to be creative.

Final words

So it can be concluded that Instagram insights are of huge significance. What could be better than knowing about your followers and people interacting with your business?

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