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Published on October 10th, 2019 | by Sumit Bhowal


Usability Testing: A Brief Know-How

Nowadays almost everyone owns a social media account like Facebook or Instagram. Why do we use them for and what goals we expect to achieve via them on the first place? Well, as a matter of fact it depends on the user’s sex, age, interests, origin etc. However, most of us aim at expanding our social network through new “adds” and of course communicate with old and-why not-new acquaintances. Some others chiefly use Facebook for professional causes like applying to new vacancies or advertising their business. But what about a usability test? What about that? What is it after all and what could be the possible conclusions?

Easily create your demographics criteria

Let’s start from scratch. On an almost daily basis more or less all of us surf the Net and while doing so we are asked to perform some tasks like rating or reviewing apps or sites as a whole. In fact, such a procedure has lots of things in a common with usability testing. Nevertheless, the latter is much more complicated and detailed. That is, you don’t just give an application 4 or 5 stars and that’s it. The aim of the aforementioned test is the “employer” or “researcher” to get to know how easy it is to use their site. But they look for the final user’s thoughts and they need it to be as truthful as possible.

The question most users pose is “why should I take part in such a test?” The answer is not that obvious though, but it will convince you in no time to participate if you are asked to. To be honest, your actual reactions and concerns are depicted and analyzed through the test and that is how FAQs and Problem Solving sections are formed in a site. That is to say that at the end of the day such a process-even if it sounds tiring or boring to you now-will ameliorate your surfing experience. So, for instance, if multiple users face the same or similar problems the researcher tries to locate the best possible solution to the issue.

Low Cost, High ROI

To make a long story short, a usability test is a real test but you are not going to be scolded for your results and grades or the lack of completion of certain tasks. You are the guinea pigs that will be benefited though from that testing. To achieve unbiased outcomes and to the point generalizations, independent researchers are hired to conduct the “experiments” concerning a product, a website or anything you might imagine like a service. You might be wondering by now how much it will cost per individual tested. You will need to spend about 59$ or 50€ per person tested. That is a small amount of money if you take into consideration that 5-15 people can be more than enough and will bring pretty reliable results. Besides, your company or your app is your “child”, isn’t it?

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