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Debounce Review – Best bulk email verification software

Engagement with customers plays a huge role in a business’s continued survival in the market. With things having moved to online over the past couple of decades, online engagement has also shot up drastically. It opens up a plethora of possibilities for businesses to converse with their customers be it sending newsletters for latest offers or after sales customer support. However, due to the massive injection of spam and redundant data on the internet, the endless possibilities have done more bad than good for most firms lately. This is where DeBounce email validator service comes into play.

DeBounce is a cutting edge E-Mail validation service which immensely improves your firm’s engagement with customers. For doing so, the service provides a bunch of features, the most significant of which is the scouring of user E-Mails to make sure invalid and inactive mail accounts are filtered out and avoided for future purposes. In short, it is ideal for business with a clunky mailing list and for firms looking to have a spam-free E-Mail management system.

DeBounce Features

DeBounce is a complete E-Mail management service which leaves no stone unturned in managing your firm’s mailing list. Here are its most significant features:

  • Spam trap removal: Spam traps are basically fake mail addresses which appear real but are completely unnecessary. All businesses should avoid such accounts from their mailing list. With DeBounce, it is possible.
  • E-Mail validation: E-Mail validation/verification goes a long way in terms of avoiding spam from your list as it makes new users go through the procedure of actually linking their mail accounts to your online portal. DeBounce provides an E-Mail validation API for its users to apply on their website and start asking for verification on sign-up or during login.The API contains multiple redundancy eliminating tools such as MTA validation, domain confirmation, syntax eliminator, and bouncing scanner.
  • Catch-All Domain Checker: Catch-All domains are basically mailboxes of a domain name which receives mails from you even if the mail address does not exist. With DeBounce, you get a scanner for these too.
  • E-Mail deduplication: At times, your mailing list contains duplicate mail addresses which is annoying both as a business owner and as a consumer. It is recommended to always have a deduplicated mailing list and DeBounce allows you to do so.
  • Data Enrichment: Mailing lists can get boring at times. A complete user profile on the other hand looks quite attractive and genuine. DeBounce provides a data enrichment tool which converts your list into profiles with full names, display pictures, etc.

DeBounce Integration

Integrating an API can be a tough ask especially if you are a sole proprietor who isn’t tech savvy. However, with DeBounce, this problem can easily be avoided as its integration is quite straightforward and easy to do. There are 2 ways of doing it:

1. WordPress Plugin

WordPress is a popular platform amongst businesses today. It is secure and quite easy to use, hence, ideal for starter sites and even for businesses with a fully fledged online existence. DeBounce has its own plugin on WordPress which can be added to your website by simply downloading it from their official website and uploading it to your WordPress dashboard. It can also be linked to popular WordPress services such as WooCommerce, Ninja Forms, etc.

2. JavaScript Widget

JavaScript codes usually requires technical understanding to implement on a website. However, DeBounce provides a simple code on their website which can be pasted in between the body tag of your webpage. All you need to do is to purchase a plan and apply the API key from your DeBounce dashboard to the JavaScript code before pasting it to your webpage.

Why should I get DeBounce?

Having a dedicated E-Mail management system is quite useful in itself. However, choosing the right management system for your business can be a headache especially considering the massive number of service providers that exist today. Here are a few key benefits you get with DeBounce:

  • Accuracy: We all want our business to hit the bullseye. When it comes to mail management, hitting the bullseye is basically you precisely sending your mails to your target audience. With DeBounce you need not worry about this. It allows you to accurately generate your mailing lists and send all kinds of mails including newsletters, promotional messages, customer support, etc.
  • Pricing: No matter how big a business is, owners are always looking for bang for the buck options. DeBounce’s service starts from as low as $10 for 5000 verifications ($ 0.002 per Verification) all the way up to $1500 for 5M verifications ($ 0.0003 per Verification) which makes it accessible to pretty much everyone.
  • Insights: While it is a given that an automated E-Mail management system is meant to completely remove user effort, some users like to get into the insights personally. DeBounce provides reports on all of its tools which users can analyze for personal satisfaction and future personalization.

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