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Bitdefender Antivirus Plus 2020 review

When it comes to protection against viruses, malware, trojans, ransomware and phishing, Bitdefender offers some of the best antivirus solutions you can rely on. Awarded with the “Outstanding Product” award from AV-Comparatives, this is the most versatile antivirus solution that offers you next-gen cybersecurity features. Bitdefender is also one of the fastest programs that stops the malware before it can actually infect your system. The Antivirus Plus 2020 safeguards you against all types of online threats and offers privacy tools such as password manager, VPN and Safepay.

Bitdefender Antivirus Plus 2020

Multi-Layer Ransomware Protection & Ransomware Remediation

The Antivirus Plus 2020 offers multiple layers of protection against ransomware. It uses behavioral threat detection, protecting you against malicious infections and defends your system files from any sort of ransomware encryption. Its Ransomware Remediation feature provides a remediation layer to protect your vital data such as videos, pictures, music and documents against the ransomware attacks.

Network Threat Prevention

Its network-based adaptive layer of protection prevents the exploitation of loopholes in your system while blocking brute-force attacks. It is also capable of stopping botnet attacks from compromising your device and prevents the sending of sensitive information in unencrypted formats.

Real Time Data Protection

It is the best antimalware solution available to protect your system against all kinds of e-threats ranging from viruses, worms and Trojans to zero-day exploits spyware and ransomware. It can scan your system in real-time and remove all the threats.

Advanced Threat Detection

This antivirus software uses advanced behavioral detection algorithm for closely monitoring the application. It takes quick actions to prevent infections the moment it detects any suspicious activity.

Web Security

It uses web-filtering technology to ensure that you never land on any website that seems to be suspicious. You can also check if your searches are safe before clicking on the link. It will block all unknown infected links. New 2020 version also comes with anti-phishing and anti-fraud protection.

Bitdefender Online Threat Prevention

Antivirus Performance

To check its performance, you can always try its free version. Bitdefender offers the best free antivirus software to its users with plenty of features.

Its autopilot mode acts like your security advisor providing some deeper insights into your security posture. Powered with Photon technology, it adapts to your existing hardware and software configuration, saving your computer resources and improving the overall speed.

Even the heaviest of scans can easily take place in the cloud so that there is negligible impact on local resources, and they are readily available for you. It can also detect when you play games, watch movies or when you work. Detecting your behavior, it blocks any unnecessary requests so that you can focus on the more important things you are doing.

Its battery mode is the most effective feature to improve the performance of your tablets and laptops. It can also tweak the system settings temporarily such as display, system updates, system cooling, Bluetooth connectivity and more.


This antivirus software also offers secure VPN to its users, thereby protecting their privacy on the web and encrypting the web traffic. It includes 200MB of daily encrypted traffic for Windows devices and is accessible with just a single click.

Other Features

If you are thinking that this is enough then you are totally wrong. This security software has a couple of more features to impress you such as safe online banking, social network protection, file shredder, password manager, Wi-Fi security advisor, anti-tracker for keeping your browsing data private and vulnerability assessment.


Antivirus Plus 2020 version will cost you £29.99 for a year and you can protect a single device using this software license. The price will keep on decreasing for each year if you buy the protection for multiple devices or for multiple years.

The Bottom Line

Bitdefender Antivirus Plus 2020 is a lightning-fast antivirus software that is recommended by some of the best security organizations across the globe. It is not only capable of protecting your system against ransomware and malicious infections but can also safeguard your browsing sessions providing you complete privacy. You should give it a try and feel the difference. Its lite version is available for free. Try it today!

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