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How to stop tilting Gaming Sessions

Whether you have died to the same boss 4 times in a row, or you just had a horrible day getting yelled at by your boss or maybe even lost too much money at a Roulette table. You start to feel the heat building up inside you, the tilt is starting.

The thing you need to do is calm down. This will not only help you avoid the worst decisions but you will feel better. And in the long run will even have a positive impact on your health.

So how do you start this defence against all the bad decisions you make when you are feeling stressed or angry?

The good news is that once you start using these techniques they will become more and more natural, and

Control Your Breathing

The first thing you can do is just breathe. This might seem like a stupid thing to suggest but its much more important than you think. Just take a little break and fill your lungs with air. In many cases this can be enough.

In fact this is the basis for most meditation techniques, as well as the more modern versions of mindfulness.

And these guys certainly know a thing or two about staying calm.

For a more detailed description and step by step guide watch this video:

Or just go to youtube and search for something that is more to your liking.

Control Your Thoughts

Think about what you are feeling, is this something you want to influence your entire day? Admit to yourself that you are mad, and think about the reasons why this might be so. Often they are really not that important.

For the most part this is enough to gain some control. This type of thinking is closely related to cognitive psychology, and if you notice an improvement we recommend investigating this further.

A good summary of this kind of work, is compiled by healthline.

Physical Activity

This one is probably the least favorite for many people. And we won’t force you to try it if you really don’t want to. But there is a reason why everyone who works out is so incredibly in your face about how good it feels. There are a thousand health benefits to working out, including tons of psychological ones, such as reduction of stress. You don’t even have to leave the comfort of your house if you build your own personalized home gym.

So not only will you become more resilient to stress, but your body will thank you in the long run.

The most important part:

Find something that is fun.

Remember this doesn’t have to be just jogging or lifting weights, any kind of movement will work. Do something that you like doing, hint: it can even be romantic!

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