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5 Gadgets You Use In Your Home That Prove We’re Living Like The Jetsons

When you were a kid, watching The Jetsons on TV probably left you in awe of the convenience that the family enjoyed with their technology, albeit fictional. Who would’ve thought that the same would be true today?

While people aren’t driving around in flying cars yet, there have been lots of significant advancements in home appliances in recent years. These devices expedite household chores and give you more time to focus on more crucial aspects of your life, such as spending quality time with your family, as well as cultivating your hobbies or passions.

Here are the five gadgets you use in your home that could have very well been taken out from The Jetsons:

1. Robot Vacuums

Robot vacuums are probably the closest thing to the Jetsons’ robot maid, Rosie. With this device, you no longer have to give your arms a workout by lugging around a massive cleaning machine throughout your home.

These vacuum cleaners are autonomous, which means that they’ve been programmed to drive themselves and clean without needing human control. Some gadgets have spinning brushes to ensure that dirt from tight corners is collected. Others offer more cleaning features as well, such as mopping and even UV sterilization.

The primary benefits of robot vacuums include:

  • Ease of Use – Most of this type of vacuum cleaners are set it and leave it. You just have to configure the machine to clean the surface you want, set the timer, place it at the starting point, and allow it to do its job. Moreover, more recent models have been refined to ensure that its mechanical feature becomes as foolproof as possible.
  • Efficiency – Not only do robot vacuums clean your home, but they can also dump trash at the appropriate place you set and return to their charging station to prepare for tomorrow’s cleanup session. Plus, some gadgets can memorize the layout of the different rooms in your home for better efficiency when cleaning each one.
  • Versatility – They can work on various surfaces, whether you set them on carpets and transition to wood floors. As mentioned above, recent models have been developed to switch their cleaning styles automatically upon detecting a new area and make sure that all levels of dirt are collected.
  • Compact – Unlike the old vacuum cleaners, these new generation machines are more compact, even while being smarter and having more features than their previous counterparts. You won’t have to worry about allocating space to store them.
  • Mobility – The elderly and people with physical disabilities can take advantage of the autonomous cleaning function of robot vacuums. They can clean their homes without difficulty with these gadgets.

2. Wireless Speakers

If only people from the past could see you now as you appear to talk to yourself in your home, they’d think you were crazy. They would never have guessed that you were speaking to a robot through your wireless speakers.

These gadgets either connect via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi. More than allowing you to play songs, these speakers offer other functions like reminding you of events plotted on your calendar, casting, providing news updates, and even searching for things.

A lot of wireless speakers are waterproof, so you don’t need to worry about bringing it to pool parties or on the beach. They come in different sizes and designs, too, to fit the aesthetic of your home or wherever you choose to place them.

3. Advanced Home Security Systems

Home security systems nowadays have become so advanced that you won’t have any qualms about leaving your home to jet off to that much-needed vacation. These systems do more than protect your residence and everything in it.

They can detect trespassers and separate them from people who are allowed to enter your home like your family and friends in case they drop by while you’re out. Moreover, you can access and control everything—from your home security cameras to the alarms—remotely.

These are the components of today’s advanced home security systems:

  • Motion Sensors – These sensors are an integral part of your home security system. As mentioned above, they can detect trespassers and deter them from breaking into your house. You can also use these gadgets to turn on lights, activate cameras, and trigger alarms, among others.
  • Cameras – One of the essential components of a security system are its cameras. Install both indoor and outdoor peripherals to record activities from all angles. Most security systems nowadays allow you to stream the feed in real-time on your smartphone or tablet.
  • Glass Break Detectors – This type of sensors trigger the alarm system when they detect that a window or door has been broken through sound frequency. This is valuable for stopping break-ins as they happen by scaring off burglars. These accessories are usually placed indoors, near windows or other parts of your home with glass.
  • Door and Window Sensors – Similar to glass break detectors, these sensors trigger the alarm when a door or window has been opened while you’re out. The device has two components: one is placed on the enclosure while another one is attached to the frame. When the door is unlocked, the closed circuit of the sensors break, setting off an alarm and even alerting you with a text message.
  • Smoke Detectors – While most smoke detectors are already part of your home, it pays to install one that’s part of a home security system. This way, you are sure that it’s connected to the other devices, allowing for the thorough protection of your residence.

4. Self-Sterilizing Door Handles

Germophobes and hypochondriacs can rejoice with the advent of self-sterilizing door handles. You can install these gadgets in your home and use the doors fearlessly. These gadgets are particularly beneficial for the bathroom and kitchen where bacteria can thrive and be passed with ease.

These advanced door handles sterilize themselves through UV light. At its resting state, it turns on the UV light to disinfect the handle. When the opening mechanism is triggered, though, the light turns off to protect the user and turns back on once it returns to its original state.

5. Smart Refrigerators

Smart refrigerators have become more and more advanced throughout the years. They have wireless connectivity and allow you to search for recipes with ease right in your kitchen. Most fridges also will enable you to take inventory of the items inside and track each one’s expiry dates, as well as how often you use or consume them.


From robot vacuums to smart refrigerators, people nowadays are coming close to living like The Jetsons. These technological advancements offer utmost convenience and mobility to users; allowing you to live your best life without being burdened by tedious chores. You can expect more developments in the future and, who knows, maybe you’ll find yourself driving a flying car soon.

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