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The Amazing Wingsland Drones

Wingsland is a US technology company held by the Chinese CNLIGHT co. Registered in 2014 Wingsland mostly produces high quality camera drones for the consumer market.

Since they have been in business Wingsland has released 5 drones for sale which are all still available to buy.

Scarlet Minivet

Wingsland’s first drone release was the Scarlett Minivet named after the brightly colored orange bird.
At time of release the Minivet’s features were up there with the more popular drone brands like DJI and Yuneec.

It has a HD camera for very clear Ariel footage, return home, auto landing and battery fail safe features.

M5, K3 & S6

Wingsland’s next releases were the K3, M5 and S6 drones.

All these models are a pleasure to look at with Wingsland following the bright orange and black color combination from its first Minivet release.

The camera in these models has been upgraded to a crystal clear 4k lens. Each model is equipped with underbelly optical sensors which tell the drones how far below objects are. This makes for a safe landing every time when the auto landing button has been pressed, also a perfect take off hover when the auto take off has been engaged.

All these Wingsland drones can be controlled using the very smart but easy to use Wingsland application, which can be downloaded on to any modern aged iOS or Android device.

The app is free and can be used with in combination with the Wingsland R6 remote and FPV goggles to make flying even more fun and easy to get a grasp of.
Wingsland X1

Another drone which is also usable with the remote controller and goggles is the latest model from Wingsland, the X1.

The X1 does not have as many features as its predecessors, but that is a plus when it comes to learning how to fly. Which is exactly what the X1 has been made for.
It has a unique camera not common to the drone industry, where a beginner flyer can tilt it to the forward position for normal camera drone operation. When the flyer has mastered flying in this mode they can then tilt the camera upwards into race mode position.
The reason the camera gets faced upwards is because when a drone races it pitches forwards quite a lot to gain maximum speed.

The X1 also has the optical sensors for a clean accent and decent to the ground.

Just for fun 360 flips can be achieved by a simple click in the Wingsland application.

The flight time for the X1 is about 7 minutes which is about normal for a drone of its size. The batteries are cheap and easy to swap over if the pilot wishes to continue the fun and entertainment that this drone provides.

Overall Wingsland has developed some high quality builds. They continue to deliver first ever seen specs, like the S6 was the lightest ever 4k drone on it’s release and the tilting camera drone feature on the X1.

If the company continues to make these quality products, then they will definitely be a more recognized brand in the future.

See: Wingsland.org


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