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How effective are home security cameras?

Most of us own at least one element of home security to keep our property safe. When it comes to additional features, though, it can be difficult to decide which are worth investing in and which are unsuitable for your personal requirements.

A popular home security feature today is the home security camera. Security cameras behave as CCTV for your own property, and can be installed inside and out of the home for 24-hour monitoring. Security cameras from Lunis Systems behave as CCTV for your own property, and can be installed inside and out of the home for 24-hour monitoring. The newer, smarter security cameras can be linked to your phone or laptop, and will send alerts and updates directly to you if a potential security breach is detected.

If you’re considering home security cameras, you might be wondering just how effective they are. We all know that CCTV in general has proven particularly helpful in preventing crimes, with one study finding that a high number of security cameras lowers crime rates in public areas – but how about home CCTV? Below is a list of the main advantages and disadvantages of household security, to help you better make up your mind.

Advantages of home security cameras

Deters burglars

The presence of outdoor home security cameras is enough to deter burglars from breaking into your property. Burglars are very wary of getting caught in action, so if they know there is a chance they might end up being identified on camera, they’re not going to risk the break-in. A home security camera system can, by appearance itself, prevent you from being the victim of a crime.

Assists the police

If you are unfortunate enough to have experienced a home break-in, home security cameras will capture the whole incident as it plays out. This means that, when reporting the crime to the police, you have a much higher chance of the police being able to identify the criminal and arrest them. If the burglar in question has been involved in multiple crimes in the past, your home security footage may help to piece the crimes together and put a stop to a long-term offender.

Easy to install

You don’t have to install home security cameras yourself, but if you do, you don’t need to worry about it being too hard to master. CCTV takes only a few hours to set up, and once it’s installed, you shouldn’t have to worry about making alterations or replacements for years down the line.

Affordable for most budgets

There was a time not so long ago when home security cameras were unaffordable to the majority. Nowadays, however, they are far more widely available, and come in a range of prices suitable for every budget. Local alarm companies will install your security cameras for a good price, too, if you don’t want to do the hard work yourself.

Useful for general in-home monitoring

Home security cameras don’t only have to be used to deter and detect criminals who might break into your home. They can also be used more generally to monitor members of the family or pets while you’re not home to look after them. If you have smart home CCTV, you’ll even be able to check up on your loved ones from anywhere in the world, through a helpful video stream directly to your phone.

Disadvantages of home security cameras

Won’t always outsmart a criminal

Many people think that once they get a good home security camera system installed, they are invincible to all crime. Unfortunately, this isn’t the case, as many criminals are now clocking onto security cameras and devising methods to outsmart them. Keep in mind that home security cameras are not the answer to preventing crime, and it’s best considering pairing them with other home security features, such as alarms, for better protection.

Larger systems can prove costly

If you are looking to secure a larger property, you may have to be prepared to part with a bigger sum of cash to get the job done. It’s definitely worth shopping around to make sure you get the best value for your money, and look out for deals on CCTV packages if you want to save on a bigger installation.

Wired vs wireless: which is more effective?

One of the key decisions to make when purchasing a home security camera system is whether to opt for wired or wireless. Both systems are effective in their own right, but they also have their own advantages and disadvantages that are worth considering.

Wired security cameras:

· Are reliable, as they will continue to function as normal whether internet signal is detected or not.

· Can support a larger number of cameras on one system for more comprehensive coverage.

· Are generally seen as a better long-term home security investment for homeowners with a more permanent, stable location.

· Often take longer to install, and are more difficult to do so.

· Are susceptible to losing power during a power cut, which may be an issue for remote properties.

Wireless security cameras:

· Are easier to install, because their Wi-Fi capabilities enable them to run without cable connection.

· Make good security solutions for renters, as they are easy to set up, take down, and relocate.

· Can be more susceptible to interference, which makes them less reliable than wired security cameras in general.

· Will not work unless your Wi-Fi connection is stable, and will only work a certain distance away from your Wi-Fi router.

· Are usually limited to a smaller number of cameras per system because of the setup required.

Is home security worth it?

Ultimately, the question you’re going to be asking yourself before you purchase home security is whether it’s really worth it for your own circumstances. For the most part, the answer will always be yes. Home security cameras have been proven to reduce the risk of a criminal offence on public and private property, and you can’t go wrong with adding that extra layer of protection to your home, especially if you live in an area with high crime rates. Whether you’re temporarily renting or you’ve permanently settled down somewhere, you shouldn’t have too much trouble finding a home CCTV solution for you.

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