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Published on October 25th, 2019 | by Sumit Bhowal


3 Technologies That Could Change The World

It is hard to dispute the fact that great leaps have been made in digital technology over the past couple of years. Just look at social media and Wi-Fi. These two technologies alone have not only changed the way that people are browsing the Internet, but it has completely changed the way that people are doing business. Well, you know what the most exciting thing is? This is just the beginning. You might have thought you’ve seen leaps and bounds thus far, but when you look at the potential growth of future technology it really is a scary and fascinating thing. Just check out these future technologies and the impact that they could potentially have on the future.

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Autism is a serious condition with serious consequences. And, the worst part is that the disease doesn’t discriminate. You can have your child on a physical regimen that is fit for an MMA fighter and he or she could still come down with autism. Not only this, but it is a disease that is spreading rampantly. The latest reports show that the disease now affects one in every 68 children. This might not sound like a lot, but it is more than it needs to be. Luckily, there is new technology out there that could aid with this disease. The technology is not to the point where it can prevent it in the first place, but it is at the stage where it is helping kids with autism learn.

QTrobot is a type of technology that teaches children facial expressions, emotions, and body language. These are all areas where autistic children struggle.

Virtual And Augmented Reality

Virtual and augmented reality are two forms of technology that are already out there on the market, but this doesn’t mean that they don’t have a long way to grow. The technology has already worked wonders in the online casino sector. Just look at what sites like judi deposit pulsa are doing with the technology. They are using it to give their customers a more immersive gambling experience. Well, this is not the only area where virtual and augmented reality can come in handy. Virtual reality could literally change the way that employees are trained. Just look at the surgical field. For a new surgeon to get out there and get the field experience that he or she needs they will need to cut and operate on real individuals. Do you really realize how risky this is?

This is something that virtual and augmented reality could change. And, this is not just a technology that could be beneficial to the medical industry. It could help in every type of industry out there.

3-D Printing Technologies

3-D printing is another viable technology that is well in place today. People are taking advantage of everything that this technology offers daily, but it is far from reaching its potential. In fact, there are 3-D printers out there right now like the one at the Wake Forest Institution that is capable of printing out replacement tissues and organs. The ability to keep dying cells alive is absolutely tremendous in medical terms.

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