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Friendship Lamps and Their Purpose of Use

When I was in school, my little group had a common wrist watch that constantly reminded us of the strong bond we shared even on a bad day. We always had fun and a healthy competition with another group who loved a specific bracelet from a movie superstar. Those were the days! I am sure you remember buying a common object, let it be anything, with a friend or a group of friends you had in school or college and how it still makes you relive, cherish everything in a flashback. What truly startles me is how an object when shared with friends or a group has astonishing powers to hold and retain memories without a storage or any sort of expansion built-into it. You just develop an irrevocable connection to it and it starts to represent your group or bond.

Today’s plastic economy and digital life has nullified the power of touch we had while holding paper bills or writing letters. When it isn’t tangible it isn’t so real. A physical photo frame of your loved one on your desk or a small picture in your wallet holds a lot more value to most than a terabyte of media on your cloud storage. Digital life or social media might have connected us and offered us convenience but we have lost the touch.

It isn’t all lost as I literally see a hope of light in this dark scenario called the friendship lamp. It brings back the touch we have been missing for long. It is that common object without any age bar that friends or a group can purchase right away. Finally, you do not have to relive the nostalgia of that one common object as these friendship lamps are tangible replacements and just a click away.

Friendship lamp is a colourful way to lighten up your loved ones with the power of touch. In terms of functionality, these electronics lamps are inter-connected multi-coloured lights offering you an access to a beautiful way to remind your loved ones or group of friends about you. So, when you think about them, you touch it to change it to your desired colour and all the other lamps paired to your very own group ID would change to the same colour in a blink of an eye over the Internet.

Light and colour has already been significant in the history of mankind for signals, whether it be fire in the night or smoke on a clear day.

A friendship lamp has to be configured to a Wifi access point for Internet to be able to connect to other lamps using a common group ID. These colours in a way are envelopes or messages are signals of love, emotions that you deliver over the Internet. These signals might be mute but speak a lot about you. Words aren’t always enough to express yourself. This concept wins my heart certainly as it brings back the missing commonly shared tangible object with in a colourful bright manner.

Now this friendship lamp isn’t just limited to college or school friends, it has no practical limits. The friendship lamp is undeniably a beautiful experience that helps in conveying yourself or to feel the vibe of the eternal bond you share with each other. For instance your grandparents could use these friendship lamps to remind you how much they miss you or vice-versa without having to call or text you, as you might not always be able to attend those in time when at work or busy for some reason. It gives voice to many in need to be able to reach out who otherwise don’t or are reluctant and works best in night with a mix of glowing and dimming effect. It is a modern artistic recreation of blinking torches or lights used back in the days to communicate and connect with the people. So, you could be playfully clever and do your own thing with it. It would surely be fun, isn’t? Also, your partner won’t ever complaint when you forget to tell them when you think about them. As you get to express it with a touch while having a coffee at your desk or while leaning back on your office chair after a finishing a prolific project.

The best part is that it is so minimalist when it comes to configuration, you need a basic wifi connection, group ID and you are all set. You don’t have to bother re-doing the same even when you move around the device as long as you can still reach the same wifi network. So, if you carry the router with you while moving to a different place, it won’t be an issue at all. The moment you turn it on, it is ready to send smiles, playful signals or love to next door, cross border in a jiffy.

Friendship Lamps can be ordered online for you or your loved ones from Friendship Lamps Australia or Friendship Lamps NZ with free shipping and an on-going discount for a limited period. They ship internationally. It can be bought in a set i.e. a pair of two or separate units depending on your needs. It is very simple to use and operate it. That being so, every order includes a setup guide with instructions on how to use the functions as well as change your colour. If you run into any trouble, there is a dedicated robust technical support via email with applaudable response time. The quality of the electronics is at par with big brands offering similar lights without any scheme or concept on speakers for some reason. You won’t be disappointed with quality of the electronics or the overall build of the whole product if you love the concept just go for it.

To reassure you about the reliability of friendship lamp, it comes with a 30-days money back guarantee, so for some reason if you don’t like, just return it without any hassle. You are not obliged to write a thesis on why you happen to return it. Whereas if you choose to continue with it and have any electronics related issue in a quarter, you it comes with a year of limited hardware warranty, where a repair or replacement would be arranged for you on case by case basis. I believe these terms of guarantee and warranty that the company behind this beautiful product says a lot about the trace record of production and distribution system that is working parallel with the idea.

Lastly, it is a kind of product that bring back the tangible way to stay in touch with people you love or care for in the most basic yet gorgeous design worth trying once, since you get to do so risk-free without any obligations.

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