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4 Relaxation Apps to Make Your Day More Productive

When was the last time you took the time to just relax? We’re constantly wrestling with work pressure, juggling relationships, pursuing interests among many other things that seek our attention and time. When we do want to step back and relax, we resort to binging web series and attending parties that only leave us more exhausted.

While playing fun live casino games and rewatching your favourite movies can be calming, there are better ways to relax your mind and body. Here are some apps that can help you recharge.

1. Calm

Meditation is undoubtedly one of the best ways to relax your mind, and Calm is a great meditation app for beginners. It offers guided meditation sessions of various periods — from as small as 3 minutes as long as 25 minutes — making them flexible in many situations. The wide range of topics that includes happiness, gratitude, forgiveness, stress management, and self-esteem makes sure everyone has something worth trying.

The app is also good for advanced users. It lets you select from timed, guided meditations and calming breathing exercises. Every day, you’ll get a new 10-minute program designed to help you start or end the day.

2. Day One

Constant conversation and interaction with people can leave you exhausted, but a conversation with yourself will only clear your mind. Day One is a journal app to organize your thoughts every day. The beautiful interface along with other features will encourage you to make a daily journaling habit.

The entries are easily organized and can be sorted by calendar, timeline, photos, or maps. You can connect your smartphone to store additional information like temperature and weather as well. Rest assured, though, that your information is safe thanks to a passcode and other security features.

3. Sleep Cycle Alarm Clock

Whether it’s a long day or a lazy day that lays ahead, you won’t be in a position to tackle it if you haven’t had a good sleep the night before. But sleeping well is not a simple task, nor is it easy. Throughout the night, we sleep in different cycles and stages. Our body and mind carry out different functions in different stages and we can wake up groggy if the alarm rings in one of the deep stages. It is, therefore, best to wake up in Stage 5, which is the lightest sleep phase.

Sleep Cycle Alarm Clock helps you do exactly that. It’s patented technology enables it to sense the user’s sleep phase accurately and wake them up in the most beneficial period possible. The app’s subscription offers extra features like long-term sleep trends and smart light support.

4. Ambi Pro

Have you noticed it’s much easier to study and work to instrumental music, but the task instantly becomes harder if the music has lyrics in it? Similarly, ambient noise is great for relaxing and concentration. Ambi Pro emulates the world around you in the form of audio.

However, unlike the others, this app doesn’t just play audio recordings on loop. Instead, it creates algorithmically changing noise that never repeats. Digital reverb gives the app a sense of depth and an in-built 8-band equalizer gives personalization options. Ambi Pro also lets you design and save your own presets and switch off the sound after a specific period using an automatic timer.

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