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Freelancing vs Office Job: Pros And Cons

The debate on freelance vs. office job is a long and exhausting as each man is different and everyone likes different things. Each type of job has its own advantages and disadvantages, and it is just a matter of opinion and what people want and prefer. According to Forbes, the complex and good relationships between the employers and employees are more easily formed than in a traditional business model, and this is one of the strongest reasons why people do not want to quit freelancing. Apart from many other advantages, of course. We will list all the pros and cons for a traditional office job and the remote/freelancing job so you could easier understand the whole matter and see which type of work suits you best.

Why is it good to be a freelancer?

Well, the first thing that comes to our mind is the freedom you won since you can organize your time for work, tasks, and projects. Some people prefer working at night, so you can take a day off and enjoy social events, and you work during the night. Of course, this is a sole matter of dealing with the clients and your wants. In-office jobs tie you to work for just one company, while the freelancing offers you the possibility to work for as many clients as you want. In addition, you do not need to follow any office rules, dress code or any other type of regulation which may be a better choice for some people that are not fans of the traditional job setting and environment.


Instead of working “eight to four” shift, you have the possibility as a freelancer to work for a couple of hours before taking a break. No one controls your time and schedule, as long as you fulfill your daily tasks/requirements. Some people simply like to take a break of a few hours to clear their minds, before continuing with work. The level of flexibility allows you even to spend more time with your children since working in shifts takes time. However, do have in mind that a severe deadline may force you to cancel all your plans and activities for a day that you have planned out.

No office politics

As you work remotely in most cases, you do not have to follow any of the official rules and politics. It means that the dress code means nothing to you and that you can grow a beard instead of cutting it every morning. To put it simply – you are on your own, and no one will tell you that you forgot to put on a tie, so you have the full freedom to look whatever you like and wear whatever you want.

A larger job offer

As a freelancer, you definitely have a broader range of jobs available to you. Of course, some jobs like freelance political writing is not something you will often see on the freelancing board of jobs, but all the jobs you can do via PC or laptop are available. From the PHP developer and data researcher to the simple virtual assisting and filling the MS’s Excel fields, you can find any job that suits your career and personal preferences. Simply gear up your CV, write a motivation letter, and start applying! Plus, you can quit your job and client anytime you want to!

Why is not good to be a part of the freelancing community?

When it comes to the bad things about this type of work, we cannot lie and say that there are not some of these. The things are pretty much the same at any website that offers this kind of work, no matter which one you choose. UpWork is one of the best places to start with your jobs, as this website has been present from the early beginnings of the freelance phenomenon, so it is a starting point for many young people. Below are listed the disadvantages of freelancing.

No benefits

You are on your own, meaning you pay for all your benefits. That includes covering your health expenses in case of injury, regular pay when you are on vacation, the paid absence from work when you are pregnant, and the full program for your retirement. This is maybe the biggest disadvantage as we all want to have some kind of security after we are done with our career. Still, if you are earning a lot of money, you are good as you can pay for these on your own.

Income is (mostly) unpredicted

This is totally unpredictable, as no one guarantees you a job. You work as long as your client needs you and has a job for you. It regularly happens that you earn a ton of money one month, and then the next month you cannot find a single project to cover your expenses. This is something you should have in mind as a lot of people do not expect this, especially the starters.

You need a strong motivation

You motivate yourself, as a client will find other workers for the job if you do not do your best. Of course, this is pretty much the same story in regular office jobs, but at least you do not need to find yourself projects and tasks to work on. If you do not have any for the month, you are still getting paid. In a nutshell, if you are not that motivated, then freelancing might not be for you.

Maybe you want to work in the office?

If you like to work “seven to three” and be part of the social group, then the office job is something you definitely like. You are not required to find new clients and assignments, and you need not care about your money. Just do your job, and you will get paid. From this point of view, we could say that this type offers more stability but also requires you to participate in many things that you do not deal with when you work from home.

Health insurance paid vacation and retirement program

The salary-employment offers you full benefits like health insurance, a paid vacation, and the retirement program after you finish your career. Many people choose this work just because of these, as you do not need to stay after work to do something. Also, you know your schedule every week, and you can plan more easily.

Salary-employment offers more stability

When it comes to the financial department, you get your salary in the same amount every month, so you do not need to worry about anything. Regardless of whether you had three assignments this month, you will still get the pay that you agreed to. The salary in freelancing depends completely on you, so less motivated people tend always to get the safe/office job. Of course, this should not be taken for granted, as people just want to have stability do they do not think about paying bills and other expenses.

Being a part of a class/social group

You belong to the team of workers, and you can assign yourself in a group. In some way, you are actually building your network of people, and therefore you are making your social life interactive. You will need to attend teambuilding activities and participate in social events. Of course, working in the bank and working as a labor worker is not the same, so you fall into one of the several social/class groups.

Or maybe you don’t want to?

Like any work, office work has its own disadvantages as well. You are not one the same level of flexibility as you were in the freelancing. You have the full commitment and the clearly defined working hours you must respect. Plus, you must follow the politics of the office and respect the rules. Not to mention that you work every day, whether you want or not.

Office jobs offer no flexibility

There is no flexibility at all! If you are sick, you have to go to work. In case you are really sick, you can stay at home, but you will need a doctor’s agreement about your bad health condition. So basically, you cannot stay at home just because you want to stay or you are not feeling well.

The job politics

The black suit, a black tie, and black shoes are a must! Don’t we all hate this (at least we who are freelancing)? Yes, you will have to respect the code and follow the job politics if you want to stay on the job. Simply not attractive to some people who are accustomed to working in slippers and regular shorts.

Work everyday

No room for escape from everyday tasks! You must be on your Jobsite, even if you do not work on anything. So getting up at 8AM every day and going to your office is something you must comply with if you are not the freelancer. If you do not show up, you are risking to get fired!

What do you want from your job, and how do you see yourself?

In the end, the worst way to live is not to have any type of job. Before you start working, you will need to invest a lot of discipline and will in order to be a good worker. From there, you can choose whether you want to work from home any time you want, or you want to work in the well-structured group where you must follow the rules and codes. But before you decide this, make sure you define your goals, and be aware of things you do not want since that will help you to understand whether you should be the part of freelancing community or not. You also check the helpful Lifehacks review of the Freelancing perspective so you could get a wider picture from their point of view.

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