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5 Ways to Manage a Winning Team for Your Business

Your team is the foundation of your company, so it goes without saying that it has to be reliable and effective. Therefore, managing a successful team is not a simple issue. If you think that hiring talented individuals and putting them into a cool office with all the necessary gadgets is enough for a company to grow and evolve, you are wrong.

Managing a team requires you to achieve a very high level of professionalism and this cannot be done over the course of a single month or even year.

That is why you, an ambitious entrepreneur, need to pay extra attention to certain parts of the team creation and management process:

· selecting the chosen ones

· utilizing technology

· staying connected

· building chemistry

· sharing your vision and commitment

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Selecting the chosen ones

Planning everything in advance and in great detail has to be a priority when starting a company. And since your employees are the most important element within the system you are devising, it is only logical that you need to find the right people to give your business the right direction.

People who work with you are the ones who create the image of your company. They build the company’s reputation and largely affect the quality of your products and services. That is why it is crucial to look for skillful people who can handle tasks in a timely and professional manner.

Besides the skills that each of your team members needs to have in order to be able to perform specific tasks, here are some traits that you should look for in your ‘chosen ones’:

· great communication skills

· discipline and organization

· resourcefulness

· proactivity

· honesty and transparency

Also, bear in mind that you will need to seek more of the right talent when your company starts growing, since the business will likely become more complex and require more people on board.

It cannot be overemphasized that selecting the individuals who are not up to scratch can have detrimental effects on your business in the long run. If you don’t like going through a tiring recruitment process over and over again and would rather focus on other business tasks, you should leave this to professionals who specialize in finding the right employee management solution.

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Utilizing technology

Considering that correct and up-to-date information is an essential resource nowadays and that technology provides us with tools that facilitate communication and productivity in the workplace, every winning team should utilize technology for exchanging information.

Technology can be used in numerous ways in the workplace. For example, these can include communication within the company, data sharing, quick decision making, boosting productivity, knowledge management, and many other ways.

Below you can find some of the fields where you can use technology to really make a difference.

Client management

Customers are a very important asset of every business, so communication with them has to be impeccable. Retaining current customers and attracting new ones should be a priority of each company that wants to grow.

In order to make client management easier, many companies turn to practice management software, especially the ones in the medical industry. Since this software makes administrative tasks easier and automates some of the less interesting tasks, customer relationship management won’t be a problem at all.

Productivity tools

If your goal is to grow, productivity in the office is of the utmost importance. Fortunately enough, there are quite a few great tools for increasing productivity that should be used on a daily basis. Indeed, you can find fantastic software solutions with features such as time tracker, collaborative task management apps, templates, reminders, and so on.

Always remember that productivity is the life of your company, so keeping it at a high level is a must.

Staying connected

Being connected all the time and communicating the message clearly guarantees satisfactory results in the workplace. It goes without saying that excellent communication helps entrepreneurs and their teams in every segment of their business.

When your employees can reach out to you easily and when you can count on them, you are bound to establish a positive team atmosphere. Of course, this communication always has to be professional and respectful, since this largely affects team chemistry.

Luckily, effective communication can be a reality in your workplace without putting in too much effort. And for this, you can turn to technology again.

Team chat apps

Using apps like Slack is a great way to have all communication in one place, organized into groups, and prioritized in a proper way. These apps usually come with features that can really make the whole communication process incredibly easy.

Some of them are:

· private chats

· group chats

· conference call

· video chat

· screen sharing

Of course, it all boils down to your personal preferences and what features you would like to see in the app, but using at least one of them will considerably improve the communication for all your team.

Use VoIP services

Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) is a great way to remain connected through a solid business phone system. Basically, VoIP transmits phone signals using the internet which means that sending texts, making voice calls, and chatting can be done easily.

Moreover, a number of companies have departments around the world, so making phone calls over the internet is important for them. Especially for those relying on salespeople who make dozens of calls on a daily basis.

Thanks to one of its many features – virtual extension – VoIP service allows you to have a phone number for every team member. To be more precise, each employee can have their own phone number, which makes it simple for them to connect both with the team and with their customers.

You should never compromise when it comes to VoIP services. In other words, always opt for industry leaders like Nextiva, for example. To find out more about this company and what it offers, it is best to read detailed Nextiva reviews before making your final decision.

Building chemistry

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It is common knowledge that no team can become a winning team without great chemistry. Team members have to develop positive relationships with each other. In fact, this aspect is quite similar to collective sports, since you need your employees to work well together and follow your instructions if you want to win.

Of course, one of the best ways to build chemistry is team building. But unfortunately, the reputation of team building has been tarnished due to bad execution. Many companies take their employees on boring and ineffective trips or organize hangouts without having the slightest idea of how that can help their teams bond.

Instead, team building should include activities enjoyed by all employees. It is there to build trust, mitigate potential conflicts, and improve collaboration. With effective team building, you get more engaged employees, which can only be beneficial to the whole company.

And while you may know of some benefits of team building, below you can read about a couple of additional ones that will be worth your while.

Healthy competition

Competition increases productivity. In other words, by achieving productivity through fun and inclusive team building activities, your employees get to bond in the most effective way possible.

How is this great for chemistry? Because your employees will feel like teammates after each activity.

Better collaboration

A number of people use their imagination better when they are surrounded by those they feel comfortable spending time with. That is why investing in a fun team building event can not only bring your employees closer together but it can also contribute to a more successful and creative workplace.

As a result, your employees will have a much better collaboration in the office, which is extremely important if you want your winning team to thrive.

Sharing your vision and commitment

Your team has to understand and align with your vision. They simply have to be engaged and committed to your business cause if you want to build a great company culture and achieve great goals.

Creating a strong shared vision for your team will enable them to anticipate an exciting future. This vision is exactly what will keep them energized and motivated to overdeliver and constantly achieve great results.

It is crucial to be confident when communicating your vision to your team. Be very clear and precise about what goals, as an organization, you want to reach. And never be afraid of dreaming big, since only an inspiring vision will bring out the best out in your team and turn them into overachievers.

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