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How To Combine Your Clothes With Your Watch

When choosing the watch that goes well with your outfit, you have to take into account the formality of your outfit and the event you will be attending. You would not go to a gala or a business lunch in sneakers, so why would you wear an informal watch? With so many different types of watches on the market, it is often difficult to know which are considered formal and which are not. Keep reading to find out how to combine your watch with your dress and what you should look for when choosing your next watch.

#1: Gala Watch

More than a century ago, the belief was that in etiquette events, attention should always be paid to conversation. That’s why wearing a watch to such type of events was considered rude. Times have changed a lot, although this rule could explain why the watch style suitable for a gala event is simple and unobtrusive.

Traditionally, a watch for label events should have a thin strap and a minimalist dial to not attract too much attention, and at the same time be very elegant under the sleeve of a dress or a gentleman’s jacket. The dial of a label watch is usually a classic black or silver, and the strap is usually brown or black, with nothing bright or flashy, with a sober sophistication. An example of a perfect label for a gala event would be a delicate tag heuer watches for men. When buying a watch, you have to look for a chic watch that subtly whispers a story of elegance.

#2: Trendy formal watch

These types of watches are for formal occasions like client’s meetings, weddings, or dinners. In such occasions, you need to appear impressive and authoritative sometimes, so you have to go for something with a simple, elegant face. The body of such watches are made of metal, but their bands are usually of leather. However, don’t forget when choosing such a watch, black leather is always more formal than brown.

#3: Informal watch

Unfortunately, the average person’s agenda is not full of gala dinners, so informal watches are also necessary. Informal watches usually have a metal strap and larger spheres, which makes them easy to read and less formal in appearance. While executive style watch and tag watch often have more classic colors,  Informal watches can afford to have contrasting colors, with bolder frames. Normally, formal watches usually have Roman numerals, while informal watches are more original and range from those with colorful numbers to those without numbers at all. The more things the watch can do, the less formal it is considered.

For example, a watch with a stopwatch and an instrument for measuring depth would not be considered a label watch. When choosing the right strap, choose a metal, which is more versatile compared to a leather, which does not fit easily with jeans.

#4: Smart watches for a smarter look

If you are the type that has a great enthusiasm for technology or a geek, you should give top-rated smartwatches a try because these types of watches can run apps and play all sorts of digital media, including audio tracks and radio streaming. Many of them even have touchscreens which allows you to use some functions like thermometer, calculator, compass, and much more. You can wear them when going to meet your friends or going to the gym.

#5: Sport watches for a sporty look

Are you the sport loving type; a sports watch will be perfect for sporting activities or casual outings. The watches have features like chronographs, water resistant, keep memory log, and have lap times so you can easily track your progress as you engage in your fitness routine or favorite sports.

Whether you’re thinking of buying a watch for your next formal event or looking for a watch every day, head over to stores where you can find a wide variety of watches and make a choice based on your needs and requirements. It’s time to combine your clothes and your watch correctly.

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