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How Modern Students Are Using Technology to Reduce the Cost of Study

Going to university is certainly a lot more expensive than it used to be. With tuition fees at an all-time high, many students are looking for new and innovative ways to save their cash and avoid getting into thousands of dollars’ worth of debt in order to get a college degree. However, with financial aid sparse and many students in need of a college degree in order to get their foot onto the career path that they want, it’s essential to turn to other means of saving money. Thankfully, today’s college students have a new alternative to expensive, on-campus classroom learning – online learning, which is becoming more and more popular. And, the money-saving benefits of technology don’t stop there. Today, technological advances have made it not only easier but often cheaper to study for a degree.

1. Lower Tuition Fees

One of the main reasons why more and more budget-savvy students are opting for online learning as a way of getting the degree that they need is because of the fact that tuition fees for learning online are usually much lower. When it comes to the cost of learning, you can expect an online degree to cost up to a third less than doing the same course based on campus. Since online learning is much cheaper for colleges to provide than on-campus programs, they can afford to charge students a lot less in terms of tuition. And, it’s a great situation for students who are feeling the pinch, as they can spend or borrow less without compromising on the quality of the qualification that they receive. Check out this range of Suffolk University Online Business Programs to see what’s available.

2. No Relocation Costs

Another reason why online degree programs are becoming more popular amongst students is because there’s no need to relocate in order to live closer to campus. For students who have their heart set on getting a degree from a particular college, whether you’re thinking of studying for a degree in technology, business, nursing, design or something else, the option to study for your course online means that you don’t need to worry about moving away. With online learning, students can easily get their degree from a college that is hundreds of miles away or even in another state. And, whether you’re living at home with your parents or have your own place, you don’t need to leave the area you live in and familiar with – unless you want to.

3. Maintain Your Income

Most students need to continue working whilst studying in order to be able to comfortably fund their living expenses and, in some cases, pay for all or some of their tuition fees. And, some students attend or return to college later in life, when they have more regular outgoings to cover and perhaps even a family to feed. However, fitting working hours around studying on campus can often be tricky, so for those students who are hoping to work and earn as much money as possible as they study for their degree, opting for online learning is ideal. This is because an online education allows you to put together your own study schedule which fits well around your current commitments.

4. Affordable Learning Materials

Textbooks don’t come cheap, but technology has made it easier for students to get around the astronomical prices and get the learning materials that they need as a discount. Online students again have the biggest advantage, with most of their learning materials being made available to them online, usually in PDF format, free of charge or included with the program. In addition, online libraries have made it easier for students to borrow books without the need to search high and low. And, sites such as eBay and Amazon give students the option to find second-hand textbooks at a much lower price.

5. Study Apps

Studying is never easy, but technology has provided students with a wide range of resources and programs that they can use to boost their learning and make studying an easier experience overall. For example, you can find several apps that can be downloaded to a smartphone or tablet to help with revision, referencing, essay writing, note-taking, time management, and much more. No matter what you are studying for or what you are trying to achieve, there are several free and relatively cheap applications that will help you get better results.

Attending college and getting a degree doesn’t come cheap, but technology and the internet have made it easier to drive the price down.

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