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Top Mistakes Students Make When Writing

Understanding the mistakes some students make when they write an essay or paper can help you avoid making the same errors. It seems a bit unfair sometimes when you remember that not only your knowledge and grasp of the topic factor into your grade but your writing style as well. If you keep an eye out for making some of the errors on this list, you will be on your way to a better grade already.


It is relatively easy to make a layout mistake when you are typing. The writing program you use is only an algorithm and not infallible, so don’t rely on it to alert you to every single mistake that you make. Some of the most common typing errors only become noticeable when you or your lecturer make a printout.

Typos become apparent when you print out your essay because you are not working to scale when you type on a PC. All the accidental double spacing, incorrect font choices, and page gaps look much worse when seen in actual print. An easy way to avoid this is to print your paper and read it aloud before submitting it.


If you have no idea of what a split infinitive or double negative is, you will need to download a grammar checker onto your desktop or laptop. The only problem with these programs and apps is that they are not 100-percent accurate all the time either. They are also very expensive and can only be downloaded onto one device. If you need to use it on two devices, you have to pay twice as much.

If the thought of having to spell and grammar check all your writing manually is getting you down, you can always buy paper online. This is an excellent stop-gap for any student who has run out of time or merely struggling to write an essay because of their workload or a temporary setback. You can be sure the paper you get back is perfectly written, composed, and researched.


One essential element of a writing presentation is how the paper flows. It must have a proper introduction section where you give an outline into the subject on which you are about to write.

It must then have two or three sections where you make your case and then present research that backs it up or arguments that refute it. Then it must have a summary section where everything is tied up in a neat bow with a conclusion drawn from the data.

If you begin your writing process with a clear vision in mind about how you want to present your subject and feel passionate about the topic on which you are writing, you will have a better than average chance of getting a good grade for the paper.

By paying attention to such areas as layout, grammar, and flow, the person reading your essay will have an easier time understanding the point you wish to make. A lack of errors makes an essay great.

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