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Published on March 7th, 2020 | by Manish Gehlot


Bringing Laser Tag into the 21st Century with Tactical Laser Tag

Practically everyone has fond childhood memories of playing laser tag with their friends. Strapping on those big, clunky vests and running around with the laser tag guns, hunting down your friends was so much fun. The game has been brought into the twenty-first century with tactical laser tag a newer, more realistic, and modern style of laser tag game play.

Tactical Laser Tag vs Traditional Laser Tag

The laser tag industry has been quickly evolving, and there’s no greater example of this evolution than tactical laser tag. While old-school, traditional laser tag equipment included a heavy vest and a huge backpack, modern, tactical laser tag only requires a headband. When playing tactical laser tag, you’re aiming for your opponent’s gun or for their headband; you no longer need to focus on getting their vest!

You probably remember the neon lasers coming out of the traditional laser tag guns that would make dramatic sound effects each time the trigger was pulled. These neon lights have now been replaced with more realistic weaponry.

When playing traditional laser tag, the goal was simply to get the most hits. While that’s certainly fun and a good way to pass the time, do you know how much more tactical laser tag has to offer?

A Fully Immersive Experience

At Tac Ops, New Jersey’s first tactical indoor laser tag arena, you can feel as though you’re living out your video game fantasies! Each room in the arena is intricately designed and fits into a theme. You can hide out in the gym, scope out your enemies from behind the tank, recoop in the bar area, formulate a plan in the office, or surprise attack your opponents through the field.

The entire space is yours, and it’s all fully interactive! The days of running wild in a boring, open space are over. This expertly designed laser tag arena is so immersive and contains so many cool, hidden rooms that when you’re not attacking your opponent, you’ll find yourself wandering through the space in awe.

Game Play

As previously mentioned, traditional laser tag is usually very simple; your goal was to get the most hits. When playing tactical laser tag, there are so many game types to choose from!

Much more mission based and strategic, tactical laser tag requires you to actively put your mind in the position of your favorite video game character. With objectives hidden throughout the arena’s map, you can choose to play “Domination” which requires your team to protect and guard your objectives while simultaneously hunting for your opponents’ hidden objectives.

You’ve likely played Capture the Flag at some point, but we’re willing to bet you’ve never played it like this! The “flags” are hidden throughout the space, and are activated by shooting your tagger at them. Once you’ve shot it, you’ll need to navigate through the arena and back to your team’s home base without getting detected and shot!

One of the most intense games of laser tag you can choose is “VIP.” In this game mode, each team will designate one VIP player. You will all need to protect this VIP player while hunting for the opposing team’s designated player. This VIP game makes you feel as through you’re in the thick of it on the battlefield, and you’ll likely forget you’re in an indoor arena and not in the middle of a warzone.

In Team Death Match mode, your group will be divided into two teams, and you’ll be competing head to head. Your goal is to take out the enemy team without getting taken out yourself!

If you don’t want to play on a team, you’re in luck! Playing tactical laser tag’s Elimination game requires you to be the last one standing. When playing Elimination, it’s every man for himself, so you’ll need to put your allegiances to the side if you want to win!

Tactical Training

Old-school, traditional laser tag was solely for unwinding and relaxing with your friends. While Tac Ops Tactical Laser Tag can certainly be a great way to destress, that is not its sole function.

Many law enforcement officials have begun using these different tactical game modes as training exercises for their teams. Tactical laser tag is so realistic and effective that even full-time law enforcement officials can get actionable results from playing it.

Law enforcement aren’t the only professionals who can benefit from a game of tactical laser tag. Countless groups of office coworkers and teammates have been using tactical laser tag as a team building exercise. Playing Capture the Flag or VIP with coworkers can not only help foster stronger working relationships, but it can help alleviate tension and make for a more productive working environment.

Tactical Laser Tag Weapons

With traditional laser tag, there was usually only one type of tagger to choose from. Those days are long gone! At Tac Ops, you can choose from a wide variety of taggers and weapons. Each programmed to act and react like their real life inspiration, the weapons are extremely realistic.

Interestingly, each tagger can be programmed to increase or decrease accuracy, depending on the level of difficulty you’re looking for. Your guns can even be set to shotgun mode if you’re looking for an especially challenging game.

Guns aren’t your only option, though. Tac Ops is also fully stocked on “grenades” which you can launch across the arena towards your enemies!

Another fascinating feature of Tac Ops Laser Tag is its integration within the CallSign Live mobile application. By signing into the app before beginning your game, you’ll be able to track your statistics in real time!

From law enforcement officers to family birthday parties, practically everyone can have a blast while playing tactical laser tag! If you’re ready to take your laser tag experience into the twenty-first century, get tagging at your local tactical laser tag arena!

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