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Top 10 Kodi add-ons for 2019

Are you fraught to stumble on the completely working addons for Kodi in 2019 for all your leisure requirements? No other website is providing you the most excellent results? It is the correct time to obtain what you wish for. After recognizing the troubles of searching these  fully operational add-ons for the movies, TV shows, live TV, cartoons, melody, sports, and about the whole things in between, Luckystiff provides you the best idea about the best Kodi addons for April 2019 and these add-ons are for almost all that keep amused you.

There are a lot of the high-quality add-ons of just about each category possible. So, we will create it simpler for you by choosing only the topmost add-ons that are accessible on our site that is working with no problems.

Here are what we consider are the top 10 best Kodi addons in April 2019.

1. The Magic Dragon

2. Exodus Redux

3. Yoda

4. Exodus

5. 13 Clowns Video

6. Movie Theater Butter

7. Tempest

8. Maverick TV

9. Gen-X

10. Monster Munch

The Magic Dragon

Magic Dragon is a very well-liked add-on with loads of parts comprising of the movie and TV show groups. Also that parts contain people Watching grab up TV, Documentary, Kids, harmony, Movies, Broadcasting, Sports, TV/Entertainment and a lot more.

Exodus Redux

Exodus Redux is a junction from the Exodus or Genesis Add-ons that operates very well searching the internet and pulling in links. In the vein of other Exodus Forks, it plays the movies and TV shows in a well laid out set-up. Redux is a good divergence to look for the links to movie and TV shows.

Movie Theater Butter

The Movie Theater Butter Kodi Add-On is a division of Exodus and Incursion. Though, with this type of addon, auto-play is made possible which means that it features the one-click-play capability. This also means that you will no longer have to tick and re-click the sources to look for a working stream. Movie Theater Butter automatically decides on the best resource and starts playing right away.


What creates this Kodi build addon so trendy is that its diversity of the movies and TV series and the instantly recognizable quality of the streams, with the most HD content. Exodus is recognized for its efficient libraries of the movies, TV shows, live TV channels, and radio stations, adding up to its excellent search trait, classified lists and favorite characteristic. Spectators can come across the movies and TV shows sorted out by the year, type, top grade, very much rated and most watched.

13 Clowns Video

Not all the genetic copy add-ons can put a rapid impact, but this one has been in encouraging talks because of its arrival and also may because of the steady operating links. Nothing like the other fork add-ons, 13 Clowns has some alterations regarding the appearance. There are two diverse looks available on the addon, one is Exodus while another one is Zanni. Additional settings are incorporation of Real Debrid and Trakt account.


Yoda is a very good quality Kodi video Addon from the superiority storehouse, that has been progressively updated. It is inspired by iconic character Yoda from Star wars. There are many Popular Yoda quotes that everyone must read to get inspired in life. It has become one of the best Exodus Forks and a much-loved addon of many people given that it has a similar layout but updated and functional. It is immense for searching the movies or watching TV shows, Documentaries, Systems and extra.


It serves up the Movies and TV Shows for streaming. It is a split of the ever-popular Covenant add-on that is no longer supported. At present, Tempest is running superbly with the tons of the high-quality links together with the 4k options.

Maverick TV Kodi

This type of addon is an outstanding resource for all types of content that is well-formed in a number of different areas: movies, TV, sports, music, and much more. This addon has the playlists not found at any place. The maverick TV also comprises of a number of 4K content, which is tough to discover in a lot of places. It is one of the ever-running best Kodi addons that has gently been an actual superior resource for the Kodi group of people.

Gen X

Maverick TV repository has been producing the first-rate add-ons from many years and one more is in addition to the above list. Gen X is rather diverse than Maverick’s & the other preceding add-ons, it has a little extra thing which you may not be expected in any other addon. This one involves all from the Movies, TV Shows to the Live TV, One Click segment.

Monster Munch

It is accessible in the Step Toes Repo repository. It has a big database that includes a lot of groupings such as Movies, TV Shows, Chill Out, World TV, World Cams, robustness, Documentaries, Broadcasting Stations, Cartoons, Tube Sports, and to a great extent. The Movies group can be further classified as Trailers, Movies, 4K representations, Boxset films, picture Screeners, Disney Movies, and lots more. The TV Shows includes a lot of famed TV Shows like Happy, Knightfall, Damnation, Seal Team, and so on. Even there are so many trendy documentary movies as well.

There are other add-ons, but the 2 best upholding Kodi add-ons ,i.e., Indigo &  Git Browser that lets you fasten all types of troubles with your Kodi, make the backups and bring back the existing files. Indigo allows you to check out the Kodi logs that are developed when an addon encounters difficulty with the installation whereas the Git browser runs crosswise all the platforms, comprising of the media streaming devices. This post can be helpful to you, so, feel free to share it with other Kodi users by the use of social networks. Additionally, we are forever interested in hearing what our readers believe. So, keep checking our list of the best Kodi addons 2019 that can be updated on a regular basis as per your ideas.

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