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5 Reasons You Cannot Ignore SEO

There are many reasons why you can be recommended to invest in search engine optimisation. Most commonly, people want to drive tons of traffic from this online marketing strategy. But choosing the right SEO agency like can make a huge difference to your business and it’s bottom-line. Here are 5 reasons why you simply cannot afford to ignore the importance of SEO for your company or non-profit organisation.

1. Organic Traffic is the Highest Quality Traffic

Perhaps the most important reason you cannot ignore SEO is because it drives organic traffic to your website and landing pages. This is because these visitors that land on your pages have strong intent. They aren’t there because the saw any advertisement. They are there because they started by searching for information related to your products or services.

The traffic generated from SEO also means that these visitors are further up the sales funnel. This traffic is highly likely to convert in the shortest possible time.

2. Very High ROI

SEO offers some of the highest ROI in the online marketing space. And it has been doing so since its inception more than a decade ago. It is ranked alongside email marketing for its high returns on investment.

This is what makes SEO the perfect digital marketing tool for businesses of all sizes. Whatever the investment you make on it, it is going to generate very high returns on the marketing dollar you spend. The only challenge is in finding the right SEO agency.

3. Search is Growing with the Smartphone Revolution

Search has been the biggest platform for people to search for information on desktops. And with the smartphone revolution, it has continued to grow in leaps and bounds. Today, people are using their mobile devices to conduct more innovative and advanced searches with the tap of button or with voice search.

Even when the underlying technology has evolved, the importance of search and consequently SEO has continued to increase. This is unlike the technology disruption that may affect other sectors. Search engine optimisation continues to evolve and grow with the technology changes.

4. SEO Adds Credibility to Your Brand

Since almost everyone is going to search for a product or service before making a buying decision, getting your brand ranked high up in search results can make a huge difference. Ranking in the top 10 results is similar to getting huge exposure for your advertisements or TV commercials. It helps not only n building brand awareness, but also in developing credibility.

When your target audience views your brand in the top search results, it adds value to your brand. Even if they don’t click-through to your page, they start associating your brand with the product. Imagine the results when tens of thousands or hundreds of thousands of people see your brand ranking high for a specific product or service search. Your brand will become a credible entity in that segment. And you can achieve this without having to spend hundreds of thousands on expensive advertising.

5. SEO Helps Build Your Online Reputation

Another reason you cannot ignore SEO is because it helps build your online reputation. If you are not doing it, it is highly likely that you competitors may do the SEO for you and create a negative brand image for you. This may come as a surprise for you, but many competitors in various sectors do so. When you get the help of an SEO agency like, you can not only ensure that your positive SEO campaigns run effectively, it also checks and prevents your competition from doing any harm to your online brand image.

These are critical 5 reasons why you cannot take SEO lightly. The fact that this online marketing strategy is affordable and can be run by a business or non-profit of any size, makes it even more lucrative.

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