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5 Packaging Tips to Beat the Heat this Summer

Summer is the hottest of all the seasons and once again it is here to take a toll on your packaging solutions. Especially, if you deal in temperature sensitive goods or perishable items, this can be perilous. To keep your products safe and customers happy, it’s imperative to adopt precautionary measures. This way, you can keep the damages and repackaging to a minimum and maintain a healthy bottom line.

Here we’ve gathered some valuable packaging tips that’ll help you glide through the rough patches in almost any type of climate.

Find the Right Shipping Carrier

Shipping perishable items is not an easy feat since these items can deteriorate over any given period when exposed to harsh weather conditions. These products could be pharmaceutical drugs, dairy products, seafood, meat, plants and produce. If you are engaged in the distribution and manufacturing of perishable items, it’s essential to find the right shipping carrier that has the capability to handle your shipments to and from your facility.

Plan Ahead for Smooth Shipping

Dealing in temperature-sensitive goods means your number one priority should be to find a freight carrier that offers refrigerated or temperature controlled shipping options. For small businesses or companies that require one to two-day delivery, UPS and FedEx can be an excellent option as both the companies offer temperature-controlled logistics and amazing discounts based on volume. But you can always check other options and select the one that best meets your needs. Another way to reduce the interaction with hot trailers and the summer sun is to ship your deliveries early in the morning.

Discuss Options With Your Packaging Partner

Certain packaging materials are sensitive to climate changes. Make sure you know the storage requirements for your packing materials. Else, you will end up working with climate compromised packaging. An ideal solution is to discuss various options with your packaging partner. For instance, The Legacy Printing, a renowned custom packaging boxes supplier, provides all the necessary information regarding the packaging materials to its clients, so they can make an informed decision.

There’s no harm in discussing your facility and product with your packaging partner. In fact, their extensive experience and expertise will help you determine the proper protective packaging options. They can also help you determine if you need some sort of insulation or cooling products to add to your shipment before delivery. Colored cardboard shipping boxes can add a touch of vibrancy to your packaging, but it’s essential to store them in a cool, dry place to prevent any color fading or warping.

Clearly Label Temperature Sensitive Products

Clearly label your outgoing shipments that need protection from climate change impacts. This will acquaint anyone who is handling your shipment and help them to keep your product safe from climate damage. Label each item separately to reduce the risk of product loss or recall. Besides labeling your products, make sure each delivery require a signature upon receiving. This will ensure your items will not be mishandled once delivered.

In fact, several businesses have already made it a priority as they want their customers to handle temperature controlled goods prudently. Chagrin Valley Soaps is a popular example in this regard. The company has specifically built a web page to let its customers know that their products are temperature sensitive and how they can handle them to avoid any loss.

Avoid Using Compromised Packaging

Make sure to keep an eye out for compromised packaging materials, especially if your storage facility is susceptible to the heat wave. The pesky rewraps can negatively impact your total cost of production as they can damage the product. If you have accidentally purchased such packaging it would be best to ask your custom printing boxes supplier to immediately replace it. Otherwise, your customers will end up getting deteriorated products. Through a supplier, you can get personalized boxes for shipping that will not only look good but will survive the shipping process.

We hope the aforementioned pointers will help you keep your temperature controlled products safe during hot weather.

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