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Increase in Mobile Use and Its Effect on Society

Leaving the house sans our beloved electronic devices is unimaginable. Not only because we would have difficulties getting in touch with our friends or family, but because we would be literally cut off from the rest of the world.

Since they were introduced to the wider audience, smartphones have become an inseparable part of our lives. From arranging meetings to important reminders – your phone is your personal assistant.

We might argue at length about the consequences of having and using mobile phones, but the integration of such easy-to-carry devices into our lives has made a considerable impact – a fact no one can deny. No matter which generation you belong to, it seems that functioning without your phone is now impossible.

In the Palm of Your Hand

The intelligent contraptions designed to ease us into the parallel world of the internet and connect us on a greater scale did exactly that.

They facilitated the creation of a global community of internet users, mastering our routines and learning how to provide shortcuts for simple things as grabbing a coffee. Any activity that you can think of is now possible via portable devices: communication, shopping, travelling.

You can see what your friends are doing by scroll social media app feeds, keep abreast of your work and tasks by syncing emails and calendars, and occasionally let your hair down by tracking down some of the most popular slot games at websites such as VideoSlot and play them completely for free.

Students now have access to infinite numbers of books and libraries, where information is not something you need to spend hours searching for anymore; all it takes is a simple click, and all you need is right at your fingertips.

But not everything is as shiny as it seems. Wider scope of possibilities means more control, and we all know that having a lot of control will make you yearn more. In a sense, the augmented usage of mobile devices represents a two-edged sword.

Who Holds the Control?

Living in the real society hell-bent on reinforcing the virtual one makes it impossible for one individual to break free from the mould and disconnect (pun intended) and go off the grid.

The situation today resembles a plot for a Matrix movie, but no – it is a simple reality.Statistical data suggests that right now, 10 iPhones are sold per second, more children aged 2-4 know how to operate a smartphone tie their own shoelaces, and an alarming number of social media addicts has sought professional help. Bear in mind that all these are public facts, while the real numbers are still well under the surface.

The main problem with so much access to the virtual world is the spread of addiction, as young people learn to adjust and exploit their online possibilities rather than those around them. In essence, they grow up attached to their phones, and that leaves numerous consequences on their mental and physical development. Attention and memory disorders are just some of the by-products of increased usage of electronic devices for children. This leads to underwhelming academic performance results, where children with shorter attention spans struggle to stay focused during lectures, get distracted more easily, and consequently underperform on their tests.

The content which they are exposed to poses another threat. Inappropriate photos, videos, messages, and similar content affect their perception of the world. Of course, they can access such content via TVs as well, but cell phones are not something that parents can oversee at all times – leaving children free to roam the internet and potentially stumble up something that is less than appropriate.

The Choice Is Still Yours

The coin has two sides. While there are grave disadvantages and potential harms, the perks of wielding such a device are not something we can easily overlook. The consumer society has created an ultimate product which, if left unattended, may consume its creator. The outcome depends on us and our future generations, but one thing is for sure: raising awareness is crucial. Staying in the loop and figuring out a way to maintain a balance between both worlds is not yet a priority because we currently do not feel the necessity to do so. But one day it will boil down to one simple question – who is smarter? Us or those phones?

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