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Published on March 2nd, 2020 | by Manish Gehlot


Top 10 Reasons A Projector For Home Entertainment Take To You Next Level Than a TV

It could be a tough moment when thinking about which of the home entertainment electronics is perfect for you. You could be thinking of getting a new flat TV for your home, but you are budgeting for it or want something good and cheap. A TV may be excellent but expensive, but with a bill lentis best projector under 1000, at home, you get a slightly less costly option with a big-screen display. What makes your projector better is when you want to enjoy the best of the movie night and the budget you have at hand. Projectors come with lots of benefits that make your entertainment more appealing and big in your home. Most of the TV available in the market is upgraded and up to date in technology. Even so, there are also projectors that are made for the current use with the trending technology in use now. Here are some of the reasons to have a projector for home entertainment and take you to the next level than a TV.

  • Brightness 

The brightness of the projector and television are essential when it comes to entertainment. It’s a significant consideration when especially looking for a good projector for your home use because it affects the contrast and the way the images will appear on the screen. When the brightness of the room is too much, it affects the way the images will appear slightly, and also it depends on the brightness of the projector as well. When the ambient light is too much, and the brightness of the projector is low, it washes out the images. Projectors that comes with high prices tend to have high brightness and also some of the mid-range projectors. A projector that comes with a brightness of more than 2000 lumens is suitable for entertainment, while those below can be used for office projection. One thing you have to know is that the light of the projector bounces off the screen, and the light that reaches your eyes is lowered. Most of the television in the market that is valued at $1000 is excellent and able to produce high brightness. This budget TV has exceptional brightness that even the project tor cannot compare to it. Some of the projectors are very bright and best used for outdoor events and used in the back yard of your home for entertainment. The images are not corrupted and remain beautiful.

  • Resolution 

Resolution is an essential factor when it comes to the pictures displayed on your screen for both TV and the projector. One of the reasons why you should go for a projector is the resolution it has. It has been designed with a fantastic resolution, but each projector resolutions vary from one to the other. Some projectors come with 4k resolution that is the same with the TV, but the difference is that you can make a setting to it as well as carry around. 4K TV is very expensive when compared to the 4K projectors in the market today. It’s because most of the manufacturers are designing projectors that cheaper for everyone to have. Though the resolution of the TV and the project tor may go hand in hand, some things make your projector better to have than TV. One of them is the portability and the ability to go big. The resolution is even better when viewing the images on the big screen. For gaming, this is an experience that makes it more interactive with the characters.

  • Customizable Screen Size  

The screen size of any entertainment device should make your viewing more beautiful than you can imagine. The customized screen s make your viewing be according to your preference and leaves no room for disappointment. Everyone has a screen size that they find more entertaining, which makes them more immersed in what they are watching. For gamers, they find the big screen for entertaining to see their characters well displayed on the screen. Also, when watching the big screen, you see the skin texture well, which makes the resolution more protruding for you. When it comes to a TV, you will not experience anything like the customized screen size. It comes with a fixed screen, and you can change no matter what you do. The best thing you could do is buy a TV that is as big as you, of course, the size is limited. For projectors, you can get a screen size as big as 300 inches, which is not possible with the television. Therefore the customized screen is also one of the great reasons you should for a projector for entertainment experience to the next level. You can decide to paint your wall to be a screen or go for a projector screen for your home. The projector screen comes in different types like portable or fixed one. It’s all up to you to decide which one is better for you.

  • Color accuracy 

There is something that most people don’t think about when looking for entertainment devices’ color accuracy. The color accuracy of the projector varies from each other, and you don’t have to spend too much to get one. From just a reasonable price, you can get an outstanding projector with amazing color accuracy. There are different types of projectors that include the DLP,3-chip LCD, or DLP. All of them come with decent color accuracy. This projector can be obtained at a reasonable price, but you will have to look for the right one. When it comes to color accuracy, the projector is outstanding, and you don’t have to worry at all. The color accuracy of the TV is also good, but the price it has is too much. It’s more expensive than the projectors for those that have great color accuracy. The 4k projectors tend to comes with wider gamut colors, which makes it great for colorful content that is displayed on the screen. They come with a high dynamic range, which makes it even more exceptional for you.

  • Easy To Setup 

There is nothing as annoying when setting up an electronic like taking up your time and are doing it again and again. With a hectic device to install or looking for a sound signal in the room to fit. Installing a projector takes less time more, especially the latest projectors in the market. Projectors are small and easy to carry around from one room to the other, which makes it easy to carry around. Though some are a bit heavy, they are not that heavy for you to move it around. A large TV is so heavy that it may be hard for you to move around with it, but when it comes to installation, they are also not that bad. It’s hard to say between a TV and a projector, which is easier to set because it depends on the person setting up. Though having a projector takes you to the next level of entertainment, it also depends on what you prefer. Somethings cannot be forced, no matter how good they are.

It takes minutes to set up your portable projector, and the same goes for a TV.

  • Eye Comfortable 

Your health is very important and should not be affected at the expense of entertainment. Some times when using certain positions and electronics for entertainment, it affects your neck and back due to too much straining when watching. The eyes may not be comfortable as well by the end of the day, which is not good for your health. Using a projector can be said to be n easy-going entertainment device that leaves you well entertained as well as. Setting the sitting position when using a projector will affect the way your eye will be comfortable or not. Some sitting position makes your viewing blur, or it seems like the lighting is varying, which affect your normal viewing. So this is an important factor when choosing between the projector and TV set. The projector is good for your eye because you have the ability to correct the effect that may be harmful to your eye. The TV set has been set already, and if there is something you could change, it’s a slight one.

  • Portability 

Portability is one of the greatest features that cannot be compared to the TV set. It gives you more convenience. With the projector, you are able to move from one place to another. The TV is usually a bit heavy, and it’s not convenient for you to carry it from room to room. It’s a permanent setting and has to be placed at the same place every day and only move it when changing location or moving out of the home. It’s hectic to have if you have a small space at hone unless you install it on the wall. Most of the project tor that is available in the market now comes in small size, which makes sit light for you. During installation, it becomes easy to set it on the wall, ceiling, and anywhere you want. Because of its portability, even the adjustments become more comfortable for you. The portability of the projector makes sit standout when given an option between it and a TV set. Some of the TV sets are light, but still, you may not be able to carry it around with you whenever you want. A projector can be placed inside the handbag, or a business bag is ready to go, which is convenient.

  • Large Images 

Beautiful images that display on your screen are even better when watching on a big screen to make it more interactive. It’s so amazing to watch your movie on a big screen, especially for a favorite movie. Its makes your experience more immersive in what is showing on your screen and very comfortable to the eye. From a short distance projector you are able to get a large image display on your wall or screen. TV set does not give large image as the one you could get with projectors with makes the projector better for home entertainment. It’s something that makes your whole family entertainment time more beautiful and enjoyable. You can choose to enjoy your entertainment indoors right in your living room or take it out at night and enjoy family time.

  • Budget 

Projectors are one of the entertainment devices that are cos effective even between it and the TV sets. From around $1000 you are able to get a screen and a projector that is able to display a more than 100 inch image. Also, he features that come with the projector of this budget are impressive that you would not want to miss on it. It has 4k capability that makes the entertainment more beautiful too. When you get a TV of 80 inch you will spend around $1500 which is slightly higher than a projector. This shows that how much they differ in prices and offer difference performance. That’s not an issue since you will get to experience even better service with cheaper projectors that have prices that are lower than $500. They still come with excellent brightness, resolution, and contrast that elevate your performance more so for gaming. Before you decide, make sure to look around more to get a proper projector that will meet your requirements as well as fit in your budget well.

The Final Word 

It’s now easy to make the right decision after understanding the differences of experience you have between the projector and the TV. Both of them are good, but you will have to make your decision over whichever is perfect for you. The projector comes with many features that make your entertainment move to the next level. The projectors give you want you to want like image quality is good, color accuracy, big image, and also incredible brightness and resolution. With it, you have your space saved and also can be installed anywhere you. It can be the wall ceiling or even at your backyard. Get to enjoy your entertainment wherever you want. Setting up the projector is not bad and gives you what you want and at any time.

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