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Reasons Why your Company Needs a Proxy Server

A proxy server acts as a gateway between your local computer network and the internet. It receives files and information from your computer and transmits them to other servers and vice versa. In the process, it provides a secure connection that hides your IP address.

Benefits of using a proxy server

A proxy server can be beneficial when used for the right purpose.

  • It provides security: Today, the internet is filled with hackers and websites with malicious intent that steal sensitive information which leads to the data breach.

A proxy reduces the risk of data breaches by creating an extra layer of security between your computer and the internet. Because it acts as a gatekeeper to your local computer network, malicious sites cannot easily access your computer information and use it for cybercrime. You also have the added advantage of blocking websites with malware or phishing links from accessing your server.

  • It guarantees privacy: If you’re using a high anonymous proxy, you can carry out sensitive tasks on the internet without providing your IP address. Your IP address broadcasts your location publicly, sometimes even to your specific street address. A proxy server provides another IP address to other servers. This allows you to remain anonymous while obtaining the information you need.

You will also be able to secure client information stored in your system, ongoing research and development, sensitive projects carried out online and any other company activities. A proxy ensures maximum security of all your stored information by encrypting all traffic coming from your computer network to the proxy server before sending it to the destination website. Some proxy site like Pirate Bay Proxies does not require downloading or configuration to protect your computer.

  1. It is used to access restricted content. A proxy server can access content that has been restricted due to censorship or network and copyright regulations. The proxy will mask the IP address of your computer, enabling ease of access to content that has been banned due to your location. With this, you can view online content more suited to your query.
  2. It is used to control internet usage and the office. With proxies, network administrators can ensure that employees only visit appropriate websites. The admin can determine how the network is accessed. Proxies can control which devices access the office network and which site is accessed. By doing so, unwanted devices and websites will be restricted.

Undesirable content and sites can also be blocked, and viewed content can be recorded for company usage. This ensures proper monitoring of the company’s network. It reduces security breaches, illegal activities and monitors employee’s internet usage during company time. It also ensures that any needed information is saved in the company’s network and not lost.

Having a proxy server is a great asset to any company. It provides extra security for company information gives you anonymity in your online activities and ensures proper internet usage for employees. It is important to get a good proxy site with secure web proxy servers that will provide all these to the maximum capacity.

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