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How Mobile-First Is Changing the Sports Betting Landscape

What has been perceived as unimaginable – or at least distant future science fiction – until not too long ago, today is shaping up to be the current state of sports betting. Responsible for the rapid strides in the online segment of betting is the unstoppable technological progress which puts our mobile devices under the spotlight. For this sports betting special we teamed up with FootballPredictions.com, a website specialized in providing match previews, premier league predictions, football tips and inside information in this industry.

Digital technology continues to remodel the sports betting industry with mobile gambling predicted to reach half of all real money staked betting worldwide. Sports betting is a specific branch of online gambling which has seen nothing but an upsurge in popularity year-on-year for the past two decades.

Widely considered a mainstream pastime activity among the sport loving community, betting on your favorite sport, event and team has never been more convenient thanks to our hand-held devices.

Convenience First

Long gone are the old days where you had to go through tiresome steps of placing a bet on your desktop computer. What’s once believed to be the fastest way of enjoying a bet or two has become ridiculously obsolete method due to the mobile revolution.

The arrival of mobile brought a variety of new platforms and channels which took the convenience to a whole new level. Mobile technology has made is ever so easier and faster to bet on sports and the financial results have argued that mobile technology even played a crucial role in player conversion and retention.

Mobility and quick access are the main advantages of mobile betting.

Variety of Options

Heavily increased use of mobile devices in sports betting urged both operators and developers to think outside the box and offer a variety of new options in order to maintain the thrill and keep reinventing themselves in one of the most challenging and competitive markets such as online gaming.

The introduction of mobile sports betting brought Live and In-Play Betting with it and completely changed the way bookmaking is eyed today. Sports betting has become more immersive than it’s ever been.

Players are now given an unrivaled feeling of being directly involved in the game whereas the mobile live streaming services are only enhancing the overall experience.

In the end, we can only speculate on what the future of sports betting will bring. The technological crossover from mobile into the world of Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) is likely to open the new door into a completely unexplored universe.

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