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The Technology Behind Esports Betting Websites

Were it not for technology, the e-sports betting industry would not exist. After all, how could people play online games without smart devices? How could they join global tournaments without internet connectivity?

These are the building blocks of this industry which now boasts billions of dollars in revenue. Even those who can’t play e-sports still have a chance to get some money from it. They can teach others how to enter the industry, blog about games and events, and even create games. One of the most profitable moves has been e-sports betting. Punters can place wagers on their favorite players and teams and make money if they make the correct predictions. And online betting sites, having realized just how popular this betting is, have been fast to include e-sports markets. You can click here to view some of the most reputable sites on which you can launch your betting career. But have you ever wondered what fuels these sites? Let’s consider the technology that’s the fuel that keeps them going:


Do you know that a significant chunk of gamers plays games using phones? But away from that, e-sports betting has become more accessible thanks to our smartphones. Most people can afford a smartphone. Besides, betting on the go is much more convenient than logging on via a desktop. Thus, betting sites have capitalized on smartphone accessibility in two ways:

  • They have optimized their websites, making them more mobile-friendly. That has allowed more people to log into their accounts from mobile browsers.
  • They have created apps from which their users can place wagers. These act like websites but are more specific to operating systems, creating a seamless betting experience.

With these two areas covered, more people have been willing to place wagers, boosting the e-sports betting industry by a great deal.

5G Connectivity

As earlier stated, e-sports are highly reliant on good internet connectivity. And e-sports betting is not any different. With 5G connectivity spreading like wildfire, more people can access stable internet, enabling them to live stream e-sports events and place timely wagers. It has also made waves in the gaming industry by making it easier for gamers to react to events in the games. And the more interesting a game is, the more money punters are willing to spend on predictions.

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Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality (AR & VR)

While people often confuse these two technologies as one, that is not the case. AR does not cut you off from the real world. Instead, it enhances it using real videos and images, making the experience seem real. On the other hand, VR immerses you in the virtual world, making it seem real and making your experience more rewarding. In recent years, there has been an increase in these technologies in both gaming and betting. And with the metaverse taking hold, we have seen more betting companies embrace wagering using these means. It feels like going to a bookie and staking your claim, which is more fun than tapping on a button! Besides, betting sites also use these technologies to stream gaming experiences, allowing punters to place wagers based on current events. How fun is that!

Can you imagine the effect of smartphones, VR and AR technology, and 5G connectivity? That pales compared to the metaverse, which is sure to mesmerize punters with its extraordinary features. And guess what? It’s not a far-flung theory but a project in the works! So, this industry will get bigger in the next decade or so.

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