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Top 10 Tips to Draft an Amazing Press Release in 2019

Businesses fishing for some fruitful ways to utilize the Internet and create an online profile to promote their product and create awareness among the masses should think of banking on the press release.

Press Release distribution has become a rewarding way to spread the news about your company, business, product or service. Let us delve deeper and see, what are the most important tips that you must keep in mind before drafting a press release?

1. Keep your goal in mind

This is the most important element of drafting an amazing press release. You should have only one goal in your mind- to lure the reporter to call you and ask you more about your product.

The press release should directly hit the mark and pique the interest of the reporter which converts into a conversation.

2. Concise it in one page

You cannot harp on about your event or product in a press release. Provide succinct information that conveys your message and the quintessence of your product launch. Concise your press release on an 8½-by-11 sheet of paper.

The purpose is to give them insightful information in short and it should be written as if you are setting up a bait.

3. No surprise in your headline

Don’t try to make your headlines witty that they lose information about your product. If you use a clever headline in order to impress or sound smart, but you end up receiving no calls, you have not burst the suspense in your headline.

Even if it looks crude, headlines should mention the client’s name or product so that it dispels delays in getting calls to form the reporters.

4. Choose ‘do’ over ‘applaud’ press releases

Usually, there are two styles of writing a press release. First is you explicitly promote your product and boast about your achievement and second is that you appreciate some other organization and associate yourself with it.

Before you pen down your press release, consider which kind of news release this is.

5. Write for people and not for search engines

When you write a press release, keep your audience in mind and automatically you will come across with content that strikes a chord with your readers. Once you have lured readers who would want to share your content, your SEO will ipso facto improve.

6. Start with real contacts on top

Often press releases are drafted in a poor fashion. A number of organizations have shown to put forth unorganized press releases. As a gentle reminder, it is important that you start your press release with a contact name, phone number, and email address.

The reporter should not be left in awe to make head or tail of the contact he should use to initiate the talk.

7. Link it to social media

Link your press release to your social media account so that it receives the exposure you want. Ask your readers to follow and like your posts. Don’t hesitate in asking them to share your press release post on different social media platforms.

8. Showcase your credibility

Exploit press release as an opportunity to build the credibility of your product in the eyes of people. Press Releases which are treated like bulletins or story can afford a great opportunity to inspire the confidence of people.

You can do this by using statistics, studies, expert reference and appropriate testimonials in your press release.

9. Make an offer in your press release

This is vital and you need to present your product or service in bold and firm fashion. Explain to your readers what your products stand by and why should he consider in associating himself with your business.

Address the concerns of your readers and allay their fear of undertaking risks.

10. Include Quotes

Try to stir some personalization in your press release so that it fosters an immediate connection with the audience. The content should be such that your audience remembers it.

One way of doing this is through Quotes which enable you to build relevancy and credibility.

Bottom Line

Press Release is a cost-effective method to market your product and get media exposure. They also help you in building backlinks from trusted sites.

Bear in mind the above-mentioned tips before your draft a press release and you are ready to build your brand’s reputation.

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