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The Major Benefits Purpose-Driven Content Can Provide

If you’ve ever spent any time on social media such as Instagram, Facebook or Twitter, you’ve probably been exposed to a brand trying to market this or that to you. As a member of today’s society, there are many social concerns that consumers have become more aware of and have taken a personal interest in.

Consumers like myself, find it comforting to know a brand I am supporting has taken an interest in a cause I personally support. Purpose-driven marketing by brands is very important because it creates a better connection between the brand and the consumer, the consumer is made to feel like said brand is not just about making profits but truly cares about the social issues that are occurring in the world today. Today more than ever, it’s very important that companies create content that reflects their purpose besides just making money.

Purpose Driven Content Can Lead to Better Results

The main purpose of social media for a business is to become more relevant, to get your product out there and reach as many consumers as possible. Purpose driven content can do just that.

This strategy will bring more awareness to your brand and if the message is resonating, will be shared and passed on to other potential customers. Customers and future customers will feel they are making a positive and meaningful contribution to a company that gives back.

This is a win for the company because they are making a positive contribution to the world and also making money while doing it.

Purpose Driven Content Can Lead to Better Search Results

The main purpose of a business is to grow and meet business goals and profits. SEO helps a business do just that.

When a customer is looking for a specific company that is actively involved in the community or doing charitable acts, you want to be sure you are a part of that search.

If your business website is not properly optimized you will never get the chance to be seen and will lose out on gaining potential customers. Purpose-driven keywords and content will ensure that customers can find you based on your purpose and company mission, whatever that may be.

Purpose Driven Content Becomes More Share-Worthy Content

One of the easiest and most effective ways to spread the word about your business and what your business stands for is by creating share-worthy content.

You know, the type of content that is heartfelt or sparks some sort of emotion in your customers or followers. The most common content that will often be re-shared over and over again are topics that include lists, content that is useful or helps consumers solve a problem and funny stories, videos or memes.

Anything that is super relatable to your audience, but still correlates with your brand in some way, will most likely be shared.

That being said, you want to have some strategy when coming up with content ideas. It’s a touchy world out there, you have to be very careful when it comes to offending, one false move and your content can be shared over and over again, but for all the wrong reasons.

How Google Plays Into All This

Google has many factors when determining how a website will rank in search results, with the main focus being on websites that are useful or relevant to that particular word search.

For example, if someone is searching for a dog groomer, Google’s complex algorithm will show results for sites that are most relevant to that search term but also sites that have met their many search result factors.

Websites that will show higher in the search list will be ones that have proven to be quality sites with high-quality backlinks.

Can you improve your website’s ranking? Of course! There is always room for improvement. A very simple way you can achieve this goal is by making sure you have great content on your site.

Why is a Content Strategy So Important?

Why have a content strategy in the first place? Glad you asked! It will be one of the most important things you will do to make sure your site keeps climbing up the search engine ladder.

Having a winning content strategy will greatly improve your business credibility and authority for your niche. You want readers to come to your site and walk away with fresh new content that is targeted towards them, that is consistent and offers them a new perspective or new ideas.

When a reader walks away with a feeling of your company or brand being more about a purpose over profit, you are really doing something right! And this type of content will keep them coming back for more.

How to Create a Purpose Driven Content Strategy

We now know how important having a content strategy is, but how do you achieve this? First and foremost is to have a reason for the content you want to put out.

What audience are you targeting? What are you trying to achieve? How will you answer burning questions your readers have in a new and fresh way?

Knowing your “why” will help you tremendously in your content strategy. The content you put out will be relevant and extremely useful to your audience which will keep your readers engaged and interested.

After you have targeted your audience, and clearly conveyed your purpose, you want to always be honest and open. This will be a major factor in your sales strategy as it will be what makes you stand out and above from your competition.

Not only will this bring attention to your company, but it will also build that all so important trust factor that every consumer is looking for today from businesses they buy from.

  1. Identifying your target audience is key
    Content with a cause is the leading trend in gaining organic traffic to your brand. Just be sure if you promise it, that you deliver it.

    Be authentic, be relatable and create content that is engaging and focused on changing the world. Customers won’t hesitate to drop a brand they love if they discover the brand was not honest and wasn’t practicing what they preach.

  2. Make it very clear what your goals are
    Your goal should always be to provide value and to leave a positive impact on your customers. That is a given for any company, but how can you achieve this for your company?

    By making sure your content supports what you preach! By delivering content that answers questions and solves problems, you will set your business above all the rest. Your customers will know where to turn when they have a question that needs to be answered.

Trust-building content is favorable not only by current customers but also by potential customers, and lastly by Google’s algorithm. Take full advantage of this tip!

As a business, you may want to review your existing content and future content plans to include some of these tips. If your business is not currently using purpose-driven content, you may be missing out on the benefits that this type of content can provide.

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Jennifer Hamilton is the Editorial Manager at Vorongo. She has a passion for social media marketing and creative content. When not traveling, Jennifer loves reading, going to the beach and playing with her pets.

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