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Experiments On Instagram You Should Try This 2019

As we indicated recently, everything seems to indicate that Instagram will be a key platform for brands during 2019, as shown by figures from Statista indicate that it is estimated that the platform will receive 92 billion dollars for digital advertising, ie many firms will allocate a significant amount of resources to this space that already accumulates a billion active monthly users. Knowing how to stand out within the social network, beyond the announcements, will be crucial to achieve better results, and that is why today we share some Instagram experiments that you can put in place to make a difference with your account.

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5 Instagram experiments you should try this year

As recommended by Social Media Today, these are 5 experiments on Instagram that are worth putting into practice, these represent various ways in which you can approach Instagram as a business to obtain better results.

1. Reuse user generated content found on Instagram

The content generated by users, or UGC by its initials in English, has turned out to be a highly effective element to connect with the audience at a more significant level, as proof of this, data from the firm TinUp point out that when this is used in advertisements the result in them is a 4 times higher increase in the click rate and a reduction of the CPC of 50 percent.

When a brand uses user-generated content, audiences feel more represented as this creates an atmosphere of involvement. Today, thanks to the UGC, the line that divides the B2B and B2C brands is fading as they are all starting to make the audience part of the brand.

If you want to take advantage of this type of material, then you should look for it in the social platform. Take advantage of the mentions or labels to your profile and the hashtags of the brand to identify that content generated by users. However, do not forget to ask the owner of the content for permission to resume it in your profile.

2. Leverages old school techniques with the Nametags of Instagram

Consider the use of the techniques of the past can be something that generates doubts among many marketing professionals and social networks or business in general, however, is one of the Instagram experiments that are worth trying.

Although as we go deeper into 2019 more and more old-school tactics disappear, there are others that remain. In particular in this case we refer to business cards, even now with the rise of the digital world; business cards can be an ideal place to take your Instagram account.

How can this be achieved? The experiment to follow is simple, work with the Nametag of your profile and place it there, Nametags can be particularly useful if you meet most of your clients in physical places or networking events. Remember that nametags are scannable codes that can make your profile known. In this way you are using an “old school” technique to promote your presence in the digital world. By the way, do not forget that the Nametags are personalized, that is, you can delight people with creative designs.

3. Develop live-streams with influencers

The third of these experiments on Instagram is recommended because today influencers live an important moment in terms of popularity and can bring credibility to your brand, in fact, many believe that 2019 will be a crucial year to develop work with influencers such as it has been in previous years. On the other hand, live video can also be considered widely adopted today, both by brands and by normal users and everyone loves the opportunity to see and answer in real time.

Therefore, it is advisable that you give yourself the task of combining elements, the influencer marketing and the live streaming. The task is to bring a personality with expertise in the industry to this format.

The key is to give the influencer the freedom to do what he or she knows best, that is, to influence people. Remember that this is not like traditional marketing, and there are not so many limitations. Consumers are already more informed, and as with user-generated content, they want organic interactions, so it is important not to limit the influencers if they will work with it.

4. Encourage engagement with stop-motion videos

Why the stop-motion? is the fourth experiment on Instagram that you should consider ?, because it can be an excellent resource and a simple way to create interesting content and full of engagement with the Instagram camera.

If you do not know, stop-motion consists of capturing images that represent a “frame”   or a frame at a time, moving physical objects between each frame or photogram creates the illusion of movement when they are reproduced.

Creating this type of videos can take time, however using the technique gives brands the opportunity to play and create short and attractive videos that can be a fun element within the company’s procedures and that can mark a differentiated element in the platform. Remember that 85 percent of people watch videos here without sound and that not all are created under this technique, they can be very appropriate to convey the message of the brand.

5. Take a podcast to the visual section

As the last of the Instagram experiments suggested here is the work with podcast. This type of content has gained popularity again in recent months, and if you ask how you can use content that is audio to make experiments on Instagram, which is an image and video platform, the answer is in a section special that you must leverage, IGTV.

It is about addressing a new content proposal, the visual podcast. Since IGTV allows videos of duration greater than a minute, this is an ideal space to carry content that can be extended for more than half an hour. The way in which IGTV is configured facilitates the satisfaction of needs that audiences can have through streaming. Brands can use IGTV either by giving people a private podcast or broadcasting everything live. Any option provides alternatives for the audience to decide how to consume your content.

Consider these options of experiments on Instagram are a good way to begin to give variety to the content within this social network that increasingly becomes more important for brands and consumers.

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