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Published on February 26th, 2019 | by Sunit Nandi


6 Myths About Vehicle Tracking For Business

Organically speaking….

Today, in any industry, professionalism and well groomed management are the pillars of its success. Without proper nurturing and examination no business prospers. Same is the case with the fleet management. The managers, who are proactive, keep finding innovative ways of taking their business to new heights. This is where GPS vehicle tracking tools from Ascent trailer tracking devices come to the scene. With changing times, systems like these can do a world of good to the transportation business.


It’s Not a Myth, Everyone Needs It

Any business needs cushion against hazards and this is equivalently true for the transport industry where assets are mobile and can have a devastating effect, if not tracked properly. Even the work force using the vehicles is equally difficult to manage. With the advent of GPS fleet management tools, managers are well versed with the location of their automobiles. Also, they can keep a track of the conduct of the drivers throughout the day. The direction, speed and even the condition of the mobile asset is extremely clear. However, these tools are not yet famous amongst the general consumers.

Reducing Costs with GPS Fleet Tracking System

Fuel Efficiency: The working capital needed for the business considerably reduces by usage of GPS fleet tracking tools. Faster and innovative itineraries can be found using such tools. Also, rash and uncontrolled driving can be restricted to a large extent, thereby reducing the overall cost of transportation and fuel consumption.

Continuous Monitoring: Advance packages are also available which can keep a continuous monitoring on the speed and overall condition of the vehicle. This, in the long run saves a lot of money, as well sustained automobiles have better resale value.

Controlling the Fleet

Drivers are working class people and have to be managed a bit tactfully. Earlier the managers had no choice but to succumb to the situation where the drivers used to move at their will during their working hours. They used to spend time at pubs and in loitering. But now, the introduction of these tools will keep them in control and they will perform their duty with responsibility.


Let’s come over to the fact what exactly are the trending myths about GPS devices.

Remember, James Bond having an enviable collection of hello tech gizmos and gadgets. He could locate his way from the middle of everywhere, he could even discover and shoot down a missile, and tune his opponent’s movements effortlessly and produce them to justice; all thanks to fleet tracking in UK.

While James Bond may be Ian Fleming’s creativeness, GPS gadgets aren’t. There exist devices that may be used by the common man to discover his way back home, locate their cars and even discover a good location for fishing. These days, those systems are getting famous inside the long way reaches of the arena due to their inexhaustible advantages.

Though vehicle monitoring structures are available in all sorts of styles and sizes, most of the tracking gadgets so small that they can be held within the palm of your hand or kept in your automobile’s sprint board. The facts acquired by means of your GPS monitoring tool can be used for an expansion of functions. You can either use the facts at once out of your GPS monitoring device or flow it for your mobile. These records can also be transferred to your PDA or computer. However, people are still confused and misguided about the same.

Let’s have a look

Myth #1: GPS tracking can be notoriously inaccurate

Fact: Fleet tracking and vehicle tracking is a relatively new concept and as with all technological advances, there are many common myths and misconceptions. Many people think that vehicle tracking may be notoriously inaccurate but this is factually incorrect. They are in fact very accurate and can normally report the vehicle position within a few metres. These devices can also track your car down to the street level.

Myth #2: Tracking is overrated

Fact: Another myth or statement is that fleet tracking in the UK isn’t necessary as you don’t need to know where your vehicles are at all times. Vehicle tracking in fact keeps control of a company’s expensive assets, namely people, vehicles and cargos. By monitoring the precise location of vehicles you are able to determine which vehicle is the most suitable to allocate to a particular job. This in turn then saves unnecessary miles and the associated fuel, servicing costs, hours as well as overtime. You will also be able to benefit from the tax changes which were put into place, possibly mitigating an increase in employee’s tax contributions as well as conforming to the Government’s duty of care guidelines.


Myth #3: Risk to lose

Fact: Many people also think that tracking their fleet is pointless as it costs more to track the vehicles than they risk to lose. Many tracking devices and access to the web based mapping systems use the lowest all inclusive cost per unit available in the UK today. Many providers also provide the best value for money services as they design, manufacture, deploy and host the system in house, offering a competitive and flexible tracking system. Vehicle tracking devices also save your company money in terms of both fuel and serving costs as well as man hours.

Myth #4: Tracking devices requires additional update

Fact: Another myth many people believe is that tracking requires a significant upgrade to a business or home computer hardware and software. Many tracking components require no additional software to run. You can simply use your PCS’s web browser the login into your account and gain full access to your tracked vehicles. You can also log into your account anywhere, you don’t just need to be at your desk.

Myth #5: The climate can have an effect on your GPS

Fact: Cloudy or rainy situations don’t have anything to do with the overall performance of your GPS tool. Think about it like this: airplanes using GPS gadgets to navigate via cloudy situations heaps of instances a day. Last time we checked, the economic aviation gadget become jogging without too many GPS-associated issues. Well, the equal era they use is found in your automobile’s GPS gadgets. The simplest component which could simply keep your GPS device from working at top overall performance are tall buildings, mountains and different huge systems which could block it is signal.


Myth #6: GPS devices are too costly

Fact: Of all of the falsehoods accessible about GPS gadgets, this one is probably the most out of contact. Currently, there are more inexpensive GPS devices accessible within the era.

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