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Top 5 Professional Softwares to Create 3D Video Animations

3D video animation as indeed crossed all the limits of marvel and provided the users with a unique experience of viewing everything with much better clarity and precision. It might sound fascinating and looks like a work of a magician, but in the world wizardry, we also believe that a wizard nothing without his magic wand. In the real world we say that without the help of the spectacular software, meant for 3D animations, an animator would be nothing but helpless.

There is a great number of Animated Video Production Companies that are working day and night to gain more and more success in order to provide the amazing user experience. These industries hire the professional and expert video animators to work for them, and also bring in the use of the most proficient 3D animation tools to create all kinds of 3D animated movies, architectural visualizations, video games, and 3D modeling in Australia.

Following are the top five qualified and proficient softwares used in every professional video animation company.

  • Autodesk 3D Maya

When we talk about the 3D techniques of animation and the favorite software of everyone, there is the only name that pops up in mind, and that is Autodesk’s, 3D Maya. It is the most professional tool that is used in almost every professional industry for creating the striking 3D models, architectural visualizations, 3D animated movies, breathtaking 3D video games, and magnificent 3D visual effects.

It is a highly qualified tool that is somewhat difficult for beginner animators or designers to learn and work on. This software is ordinarily used for creating the complex tweaks with the help of a few keystrokes. It also allows the users to combine the 3D rendered elements with the motion graphics to create the eye-catching film sequences.

OS: Microsoft Windows, Mac OS, Linux

  • Autodesk 3Ds Max

Autodesk’s 3Ds Max is one of the highly professional and user-friendly tools that is used to create all types of 3D animations. It is the best and the most suitable platform for not just the professional animators, but also allows the beginner animators to create stunning animations in the three-dimensional environment. It provides a very rich collection of the advanced features that enable the animator, product developers, and engineers to design 3D models of a product or any projects, 3D animated movies, 3D animation games, and also allows the animators to create 3D animation rendering in a very high-quality.

3Ds Max is the best tool that has been used in many professional companies for game development, creating architectural visualizations, and as well as for the visual effects production. Its advanced features also allow the animator to work with the light simulation.

OS: Microsoft Windows

  • Autodesk MotionBuilder

MotionBuilder is also one of the Autodesk extremely useful invention which was used to create the best 3D virtual animations. As the technology is surpassing all the boundaries and limits and has already entered in the world of virtual reality, it was important to provide a suitable platform for the engineers and graphics designers to create 3D models, architectures, animations, and games in the virtual environment.

MotionBuilder is the perfect choice for the industries continuously working on the virtual reality to improve the user experience, as it combines the keyframe animation with motion capture and virtual production to provide an enhanced experience for the users. It also allows the animators to animate the 3D characters in real-time, which will be extremely appropriate for 3D game development and animated movies.

OS: Microsoft Windows

  • Blender

If anyone is looking for the open source software for 3D video animation or 3D modeling, then Blender is the appropriate choice. It is one of the best and most professional software that is used many of the professional graphics designing industries to create the outstanding 3D animated films, 3D interactive applications, 3D video games, 3D visual effects, and as well as the 3D architectural visualizations.

The most amazing part of this software is that in spite of being a free tool, it offers the ravishing features, which includes 3D texturing, raster graphics editing, 3D modeling, rigging and skinning, UV wrapping, sculpting, 3D rendering, compositing, and video editing. Apart from these amazing features Blender also offers the animators fantastic set of tools for particle simulation, fluid and smoke simulation, and as well as soft body simulation.

OS: Microsoft Windows, Mac OS, Linux

  • Cinema 4D

Cinema 4D is also one of the professional tools that are incredibly flexible and easy for beginner video animators, designers, or engineers to create eye-catching 3D video animations. It is easy to learn and pick up for everyone, whether you are a professional or a learner, the software offers the easiest set of features to get your hands on.

Cinema 4D offers so many ways for the animators to create the 3D video animations, it has an extensive collection of inbuilt tools used for the character animation.

OS: Microsoft Windows, Mac OS

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