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Published on February 28th, 2019 | by Bibhuranjan


Animated video production: features and capabilities

Among the variety of animated video production, two main types can be distinguished in fact: the animated one – where the plot is played by cartoon characters, and the combined one – where the live actor interacts with the drawn actor. Virtual Production can also be a part of animated video where plots are created in the studio for shooting the videos.

When the thoughts about the animation are suitable?

Actually, an animation is not even a genre, it is just a technical device. More precisely, it is a set of techniques, very powerful and spectacular, dramatically expanding the possibilities of the impact of your video on the audience. Several video production firms provide animated video production services at different prices. It is crucial to identify the cheaper firm without compromising the quality and creativity of the videos. There are several reasons to consider the possibility of using animation technologies in your project.

  • An animation has purely psychological benefits. That’s no secret that many viewers are quite annoyed with the TV ads. However, a funny and original cartoon can calm this irritation down noticeably by its appearance on the screen.
  • In addition to psychological, there are some purely technical reasons for creating just animated video commercials. The animated characters are quite laborious, but they practically do not know the scenario limitations, allowing you any tricks you are ready to endure literally to promote your products. With the animated techniques, the movie becomes more dynamic and entertaining at the same time, it is better remembered and works more efficiently.
  • Often, an animated video is cheaper and more economical than video ones. It depends on the specific idea and on the expenses the customer is ready to make for its realization. For example, to advertise the dish department in a supermarket, a script requires an elephant. But looking for a real elephant is much more expansive and troublemaking, than the creation of an elephant by the animation video production company Seattle.

With a creative approach, animated video production by video animation Sydney has a strikingly wide field of application. Of course, the animation video production is not a universal tool for all occasions. Any technical technique application has its exceptions, and always need to rely on the common sense.

In an era of rapid computer development and of the 3D-technologies, the videos, made by using three-dimensional animation are increasingly becoming popular. In the development of each specific project, the choice between 2d and 3d images depends on a number of specific features of these technologies and on the creative possibilities that they provide.

To solve a common problem, both technical methods can be successfully combined. Flat characters can safely coexist with three-dimensional, those, in turn, with real people. All this, of course, requires additional time and effort, but the result is truly worth it!

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