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Published on January 1st, 2019 | by Sunit Nandi


Is PVC Pipe the New Way to Sustainable Piping System?

Polyvinyl chloride (PVC) often referred to as ‘vinyl’ is one of the most used forms of plastic across the globe. At present, its demand exceeds nearly 40 million tones every year and is growing rapidly. Its extensive use started owing to its versatile property. It is used in profiles, pipes and fittings, flooring, cables and more. However, along with being versatile, it continues to gain eminence in piping & fittings as it is a sustainable solution. It is increasingly getting used in domestic and commercial segment as column pipes and casing pipes in plumbing and construction. Let’s read on to gather how PVC pipe is the way to the sustainable piping system.

PVC Ribbed Well Casing Screen Pipes

Low Carbon Footprint: The production and manufacturing process of PVC pipes is clean and efficient. During the production process, there is no waste generation. The excess PVC is re-grounded and reused. Even if there is a negligible waste, it gets recycled. The products that are made using PVC are long-lasting. But even at the end of life stage, these products will not have to be dumped. They can be easily recycled and will come in use in a different form.

A PVC pipe fitting remains environmentally committed even after production and installation. The pipe interiors are smooth reducing the pumping cost, and the joints are also leak-free eliminating the chance of water loss too. It is an energy efficient solution as against the old, corrosion-prone piping systems, which lead to water wastage and frequent maintenance. The PVC pipes are manufactured and installed in an environmentally friendly manner and are recyclable too. So, it will not leave large amounts of footprint and aggravate the already alarming situation of global warming.

Sustainable Solution: PVC surpasses all other piping materials regarding durability, energy-efficiency and cleanliness both during manufacturing and transportation. It is for this reason that it is the perfect material choice for water and wastewater application. It is for its durability and sturdiness that it is looked up as a sustainable and trusted piping system the world over.

Energy Efficient: The PVC piping system requires far less energy to fabricate, thanks to its lightweight and flexible properties. Along with fabrication, it also consumes less energy in transportation and installation process.

With the growing awareness and depleting environmental conditions, it is required to look up for such sustainable solutions. These often get missed in infrastructure designs and constructions. Besides, people are often concerned about the water they are getting but ignore the pipe’s make and construction through which this precious resource is coming to their homes. Looking for such sustainable and environmentally responsible means is a matter of necessity rather than choice.

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