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The Men behind the Efforts – The Evolution of Television

Paul Nipkow

Paul Nipkow a German Scientist proposed and patented the first electromechanical television system in the year 1884.  Paul Nipkow dint believe in a working model of the system because his spinning disk “image rasterizer” for television became quite popular and were commonly used until 1939.

Constantin Perskyi

Constantin Perskyi coined the term ‘television’ in a news paper at the International World Fair in Paris in the year 1900. Constantin Perskyi reviewed the existing electromechanical technologies and also included the finding of Paul Nipkow in his research paper.

John Logie Baird

John Logie Baird gave the first public demonstration of televised silhouette images in motion at the Selfridge Department store in London.  John Logie Baird was also known for his other inventions such as the Phonovision which is the video recording mechanism. By employing the traditional audio recording mechanism, John Logie Baird modulated the output signals of TV camera, down to audio range while capturing signals on wax audio discs. A few of his recordings still exist; they were decoded to viewable pictures in the 1990s with the help of signal processing technologies.

Karl Ferdinand Braun

Cathode Ray tube was invented in 1897 by Karl Ferdinand Braun. Electronic television is based on the development of the cathode ray tube, which is the picture tube, found in the modern television sets.

Philo Farnsworth

Philo Farnsworth produced the first electronic television transmission. By 1930, Farnsworth produced an electronic television image using his wife, Pem, as the first human subject to be transmitted on television.

Philo Farnsworth had filed for patent several times.

The first was with Philo Farnsworth’s camera tube. Camera tubes that were much more sensitive to light were developed. During his next array of experiments, Philo Farnsworth worked for the better functioning color cameras.

Philo Farnsworth spent the first half his life working to develop fusion energy, and even sustained a controlled nuclear fusion reaction at ITT/Farnsworth in Fort Wayne, Indiana.

Anthony Wood

Anthony Wood once worked as vice president of Internet TV at Netflix.

He also happens to be the founder and CEO of Roku.

Having invented the digital video recorder (the DVR), Anthony Wood’s prediction of smart entertainment has always been right.

In this age of streaming, Roku is doing extremely well. Roku sells five different types of players that vary in price and features. Roku is also the most popular brand of streaming media players in the world.

Roku has in fact revolutionized the way of entertainment. At an instant touch of watching Movies, TV shows, video clips, music, games on demand with no commercials, streaming services meant to be the future.

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