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Is Your Website Search Engine Friendly?

What places a website on the first page of an internet search? The answer may surprise anyone who is not experienced in search engine optimization (SEO) and web design. Ranking high on any of the search engines is the goal of every business who wants to utilize this promotional and sales platform.

Because Google is the leading search engine used by 75 percent of Internet users in the United States, the criteria that this company has laid down in their algorithms will be focused on here. When a business prioritizes its website listing position, it is possible to be placed on the first page of any search alongside big chains and large enterprises. SEO is an equal field for business promotion as long as the best practices according to Google are utilized.

Mobile Friendly Website

One of the main features of a site following Google’s best practices is the ability to be easily used on both PCs and mobile devices. Around 50 percent of all searches derive from users browsing on their phones. In fact, Google announced in March 2018 that it would be prioritizing mobile-first search engine results and indexing.

This means that any company that wishes to feature prominently in a Google ranking needs to have a mobile device website design or risk losing their ranking presence altogether.

Page Speed

Also known as page load time, the time it takes to display all the content of a specific website page entirely to a user is important. Site speed, or page speed, is definitely a signal that the Google algorithm uses to indicate best practices.

Pages that take a long time to load have high bounce rates. The average internet user will simply click back and try a faster-loading business page. When a search engine uses up the “crawl budget” they have been allocated on slow loading pages it affects a website’s indexation negatively.

Content Quality and Niche Authority

Posting high-quality content on your website is recognized positively by Google algorithms. Good content will have internal and external on-page links as part of its digital marketing plan. Each link will have a strategic SEO placing that causes the SERPs to boost the site’s position.

Internal links are hyperlinks to other sections of the same company’s website. External links are when the hyperlinks go to a completely different high ranking, authority website.

GEO Location Relevance

Every time a new algorithm is released, it causes yet another round of website evolution. Any website designer and SEO service knows that the most important formula to stay on top of is geo-friendly positioning.

Geo-targeting is how the search engines are able to display relevant websites to people that are closest to them. It is no good for search results if an internet user enters “pharmacies near me” and receives results from an entirely different country. Web design services know how to optimize a website so that it is local-friendly.

Staying ahead of the ever-evolving preferences of Google is the domain of SEO services and web design professionals such as Driven Web Services.

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