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Infrared Heaters Vs Electric Fireplace – Which One Is Good For You?

As a smart energy-consumer, it is vital for you to know the difference before shelling out your cash.

My goal is to educate you, so that in the end you can choose either an infrared heater or choose the best electric fireplace for your home.

Then the question is…

What is the difference between the electric fireplace and electric heater?

In layman terms, an infrared heater uses the same heat as the sun. The heat isn’t visible by the naked eye. Infrared heater can use electricity or natural gas. While an electric fireplace uses electricity as a source of power.

Health concern

Infrared heater doesn’t reduce humidity or oxygen in your room.

Other electric fireplace uses fan forced heater, which can sometimes suck out the oxygen in your room. It can dry your skin and cause static electricity.

If health is something that you take seriously then, you will need to choose an infrared heater. Or, if you have a respiratory problem.

With an infrared heater you will enjoy the benefit of natural sunlight.

Winner: Infrared heater.


An electric fireplace warms the entire room. An infrared heater radiates heat to specific items or object. It doesn’t heat the whole room.

Large gathering will not enjoy the heat at the same time if you have an infrared heater.

In this case, if you are alone in the office or at home. It will be better if you have an infrared heater because it will focus on you instead of the whole room.

But if you have a family that sits together in the evening, then you are better having an electric fireplace you can even use one outside

Winner: Draw.

Time it taken to heat the room

Most electric fireplace will heat the surrounding air until the room gets hot or warm. So you have to wait for the room to get warm or hot.

While an infrared heater emits beams of light instantly immediately. You don’t have to wait.

Winner: Infrared heater.

Stops heating when off

Once the desired temperature of the room has been reached, most electric heaters will stop and the warmth will remain in the room.

Infrared heater will start instantly and will stop radiating the heat the moment you shut them off. That means no warmth in the air.

As a result, electric heaters are particularly useful as heaters for chicken coops and other big areas that require heat being radiated to warm the whole surroundings.

Winner: Electric fireplace

Architectural style

The thing I like about electric fireplace is that they come in various styles and sizes.

You have from wall mount to media console. You have the option of choosing the architectural style that you want to compliment your decor.

With an infrared heater, this is not possible; there aren’t so many options available for you.

Winner: Electric fireplace.

A little bit of advice

There you have it, the difference. I like electric fireplace, because they are convenient and when you have visitors, everybody gets to feel the warmth. An infrared heat is perfect if you are in a solo situation like an office. Or you want the heat to be focused on one place without wandering the air. If you love to add some high-class ambiance room than electric fireplace recommended by sortedforyou is one the best avaialble option, you’ll easily categorize the best one from the given sources. Nowadays, the latest version of the fireplace is available in the market with latest and trendy features like a wide range of custom options, touchscreen controls, firmware updates, and is even Bluetooth-friendly.

I hope you have got the difference and you will make a better decision.

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