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Electric Fireplaces Are Improving, But Will They Ever Replace Gas Fireplaces?

Electric fireplaces are indeed improving, but some people want to know if they can replace gas fireplaces. The fireplaces that you use should change based on your circumstances, and people who are using gas fireplaces might want to convert for a variety of reasons. Continue reading to learn what is possible when you would like to get a new fireplace, repair your fireplace, or even have a gas fireplace installed in your home. You may want to change your mind as you read more about these products.

What Does An Electric Fireplace Do?

When you invest in an electric fireplace, you should make sure that you have a place to put it. Some people will want to slide these fireplaces into the slot left behind their old fireplace. You could set these fireplaces down in a room that needs heat, or you could build a new hearth that will contain the fireplace.

The electric fireplace has a heating element on the inside that can get very hot, and the front face of the device has a glass panel that will radiate heat. Of course, you do not need to tend a fire when you are using these fireplaces, but they are still hot to the touch.

The electric fireplace will help you avoid soot and ash that could blow into the house, and you can set up an electric fireplace if you have no chimney. At the same time, you can close off your chimney and use the electric fireplace instead of wood and kindling.


How Does A Gas Fireplace Compare?

A gas fireplace is different from an electric fireplace because it is fed by a gas line that snakes through the house. The gas fireplace using the same gas line that is used for hot water, a stove, an oven, and even the furnace. Of course, a gas fireplace must be lit by a torch or a striking element that is built into the fireplace. A gas fireplace must be tended to carefully because gas lines can be dangerous if they leak. Additionally, you must ensure that the gas fireplace is not running if it is not lit.

At the same time, a gas fireplace burns cleanly because you can even use gas logs that will radiate heat without cracking or creating soot and smoke. You can smell the natural gas that is used to heat the logs, and you will need the chimney to be clean.

Gas fireplaces will raise your gas bill, and they do not offer an alternative method of lighting.

How Do Electric Fireplaces Help You Save Money?

When you are using your electric fireplace, you will use much less energy than you would if you were using gas. You might also have solar panels on the house that allow you to use solar power to manage the fireplace. If you collect enough energy to power the fireplace, you will not spend any money heating the house. You can set up these fireplaces in more than one location, and they can be used to keep your home at a comfortable temperature all year.

Electric fireplaces can be set up or even moved when you have company over, and they can be stored in the summer if you want to save space inside the house.

Electric Fireplaces Are Elegant

You can slide an electric fireplace into the gap left by your old logs. You can build up the hearth around the electric fireplace, and it will look like the fireplace was designed that way. You can make the room look much more modern, and you will save yourself a lot of money on remodeling. This article provides a detailed summary of the styles available: https://bestelectricfireplace.review/. You can even keep the chimney, but you should get a special cap that will prevent rainwater from leaking into the hearth.

Can Electric Fireplaces Replace Gas Units?

Electric fireplaces can replace gas units as more and more people install solar panels on their homes. When you install solar panels on your property, you can convert all your appliances to electric. The electric fireplace is just one more thing you can use to convert to clean solar power. You can go off the grid, and you can turn off your gas service.

This is a very good option for people who have older homes and fear that they might need to replace their gas lines. You can use an electric fireplace when you do not like dealing with your gas fireplace, or you might need to spend a lot of money to repair the gas fireplace. Because you might not have that kind of money, it makes much more sense to buy an electric fireplace that will be easy to use.

Electric fireplaces can become a modern alternative in new construction because these products are clean, efficient, and tie in with solar panels that might be installed on new homes. You can also use these fireplaces when you are setting up a vacation home or cabin in the mountains. You can use electric fireplaces in small homes if you downsize, and you can take them with you when you move.

Natural Gas Prices Will Rise

Natural gas prices will likely continue to rise over time, and people might want to switch over to electric fireplaces because they need to save money. It is easy for you to cut down on your expenses, and you should check with your gas company to learn how expensive their rates will get. You can compare that pricing to what you will spend powering an electric fireplace, and you should also look into buying an electric fireplace that you can install on your own.

Look Into Electric Fireplaces Today

Gas fireplaces burn cleanly and work well. They are a great alternative to log fires, but electric fireplaces are very easy to use and install. You can buy one of these devices when you are ready, you can install them in the hearth, or you can add additional fireplaces around the house even if you do not have a chimney.

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