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How to Make Your Logo Stand Out

A logo is a small design or a symbol used as the signature image of a business. It is a blend of company motto, slogan along with other visual presentations. Every business owner knows that to survive in the competitive market, he/she needs a strong identity. Here logo plays a vital role. You can see a number of popular brands that are known because of their logos. Some of the popular in the list are- Apple, Pepsi, Nike, Coca-Cola, Starbucks and more. The iconic logos of these brands have marked a benchmark because of their exceptional design and the messages they convey.

If you are looking to create a unique logo that makes your brand apart from the crowd, then you must know every technical aspect of it. You can read technical articles from a reliable source like TECHNO FAQ.

Coming to the main topic, if you are looking for the ways that can make your logo stand out from the crowd, then here are the tips to follow.

Be Relevant

A great quality logo is relevant to the markets of their firm’s target. They clearly communicate the identity and personality of the brand. One of the major component used in the logo are the primary colours. These play a crucial role in triggering different emotions and show the personality of the brand to the consumers. For instance, a company who deals with children toys must use bright colors that showcase the fun, energy and excitement. It is important to know the psychology of the colors before adding in your logo.

Another crucial aspect to keep in mind is the word mark and the font used in the logo. Fonts communicate the tone of the brand and its values. This also helps in to define your personality better. Thin and more angular fonts are ideal for a company that works in technology whereas the softer cursives work miracle for companies dealing with women’s products and jewelry.

Symbols are the most important aspects of a logo as they can be used to make a simple logo. Choosing a simple logo is important to establish a visual anchor of your logo.

Be Simple

Simplicity wins heart everywhere. There are many successful and impactful logos in history that are pretty simple. For instance Nike’s swoosh and eponymous design of Apple. Simple logos are easy to remember and recognize. Moreover, a simple design can express the personality of your brand clearly. Simple logo focuses more on highlighting the important aspects of a brand’s personality. Other amazing designs for a simple logo include word marks and letter. It dispenses with the images and focuses more on communicating the brand’s personality with fonts and colors. The most crucial part is to focus on using new elements that can communicate with the identity of your brand.

Easy to Remember

A good logo is easy to remember from the first time anyone sees it. The major goal of the logo is to create a connection with your customers and then generate interest in your company or brand. When consumers recall a brand or a logo, they can immediately connect with your brand, just by seeing your logo. If your logo is easy to memorize, people will remember it and it will create a strong impact on your brand on them. However, you should not ignore uniqueness to create a memorable logo. Your logo should always aim to stand apart from the crowd.


If you want your logo to stand out, make sure it is timeless. The best logo remains effective and relevant over the years. Therefore, when designing a logo, don’t think incorporating the latest fads and designs would work. Maybe they look good now, but probably you need to work on them as the trend fades away. So, create a timeless logo that stands on the test of time. For instance, the golden arches of McDonald. For decades it remains unchanged and still makes it apart from other.  

A timeless logo focuses more on quality than quantity. You can focus more on the core values and ideas of your brand to uncover them without any irrelevant clutter. Moreover, keep the colors basic and simple. Ignore adding massive palettes and gradients. Use selective and unique colors.

Be versatile

A good logo can be used in a number of situations, shapes and ways. So, don’t think that if it is looking good in one way, it will look good in another way as well. Maybe it looks amazing in your PC, but on a mobile screen, it looks so weird. The best way is to make it versatile. Create a logo that is printed, resized and placed on different media, making your brand visible. One of the easiest ways to make your logo versatile is to consider a format you create and save. The traditional photo images may not look that much effective and even pixelate when you resize them, but you can easily resize vector files, as these can be scaled.

To make your logo stands out, ensure to keep the clutter to a minimum and opt for a simple design that makes your logo looks versatile. Adding too many colors, elements, or lines may create a complicated design. So, make sure to conveying more with less.

Get Designing

When you focus on the quality, your logo automatically becomes a quality logo. When you create a timeless yet versatile design, you can rest assured that it will create an impression of your brand.  When you make your logo simple, it will stay in the mind of people, making it more relevant to them. A well-designed logo creates an impact of brand and grabs the attention of the consumers, keeping your brand in people’s mind.

Importance of a Logo for Business

Logos can be shapes, designs, texts or combination of all these three. If designed well, it tells the story of the company and portrays a message to the people, establishing an emotional connection with your target audience. It is used for a number of reasons and the major is-

  1. Creating the first impression
  2. Helps in creating a brand identity
  3. Fosters brand loyalty
  4. Give a symbol to your company, enabling people to remember you.
  5. Makes you apart from your competitors

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