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Why Digital Forensics is Important in Cybersecurity?

Digital Forensics also referred to as Computer Forensics or Cyber Forensics is the process of collection of information from computers or networks. It also employs analyzing and reporting of data obtained. It is an ethical activity carried out in the context of the civil or criminal investigation. It can also be done for providing documentary evidence in commercial or private settings.

Role Of Digital Forensics In Cybersecurity

Digital forensics play a highly important role in cybersecurity as the operations are performed to collect the proofs and evidence that can be of great importance in solving of cases. Digital forensics find the scope in

Law enforcement.

Law investigations.

Commercial use.

Private documentation.

Institutional application and

Providing Cyber solutions.

Digital forensics is applicable to both the mobile devices or computer systems. Digital forensics applicable to mobile phones is coined as cellular forensics. Cellular forensics helps to retrieve

Text messages.

Lost cellular data.

Retention and analysis of call records.

Analysis and extraction of personal data.

Removal of malware including spyware, ransomware and adware.

Tracking of commercial and personal digital transactions.

In a similar way, the computer data can be traced from the internet of things through any of the activities on the web browser. It helps in collection of various relevant information with the help of



Activity logs.

File fragments and

Browsing history.

How Does Digital Forensics Help in Collection of Evidence for Cybersecurity?

Like in the real world you leave evidence where you go in the form of fingerprints, footprints, clothing, hair or any other physical collectables in a similar way you leave an impact in the virtual world too.

Any of the activities carried out on the computer system and individual networks leave digital fingerprints. It can be in the form of cookies and caches, deleted files and fragments, metadata, logs, email headers or backup files.

Digital Forensics Experts use all the above bits of information from the devices used by the personnel involved in the case and form a complete documentation to solve the incident.

All this information can act as a key process for

Formulation of a response.

Saving of data for future operations.

Building a strategy to get a clue for all the possible actions.

Outlining an activity.

If we dive into Digital forensics scientifically, the study of

Criminal Hackers and cybercriminals methodology, help us to have a secure future.

We can analyze the tools and techniques used by criminals

We can prevent the future attacks from being occurred as digital forensics helps to create insights.

It also helps us to know about cybercriminal networks.

Avoiding any kind of threats.

Know about terrorist attack patterns.

In short digital forensics can be a protection tool for any unethical activity. We can build a sufficient database to overcome upcoming cyber threats. It is a great addition to knowledge and intelligence information.

If we consider from enterprise security point of view:

It helps to know how to respond to a situation or digital attack that has occurred.

Remediation activity in response to any foreign attack on enterprise data.

It also generates information about Advanced Persistent Threats.

Detect attack vectors or latest forms of malware.

To detect different ways or digital techniques to enter into a secured enterprise system.

Safeguard the system pertain to any organisation against all the threats.

Final Words

Digital forensics is a great way to secure your system against all types of cyber crimes and unethical activities but make sure that while collecting evidence the data and information in as undisturbed form as possible. One should be sure that files on a device are not altered in any way.

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