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Top 5 Tips to Increase the Battery Backup of Your Home UPS

Do erratic power cuts spoil your movie plans? Is it affecting your daily routine? Well, in such a scenario the only fool-proof solution is to get a home UPS with a durable and lasting battery. However, to make the most of the home UPS battery, you will have to follow certain tips that will help increase the backup duration.

Avoid Loading the Battery: When there is a power cut at home, you should avoid using devices and appliances that consume extra energy. By limiting the use, you can expect a longer battery backup. So, disconnect all electrical appliances, which are not in use and cut-off the extra load.

Use Power Saving Appliances: To reduce the power consumption, you should use energy saving appliances. Like, instead of a regular bulb use a CFL or LED that provides the same illumination and consumes less energy.

Discharge Battery: If there are no power cuts, still go ahead and discharge the home UPS battery. While it is essential to keep, the battery charged at all times, it is equally important to drain it when not in use for days. You can plug-off the battery and charge it again.

Check the Water Level: It is essential to check the water level of the battery every 30-40 days. Maintaining the water level between its minimum and maximum level is a must. Besides, you should periodically top it with distilled water. It is advisable to not use tap or rain water as it has minerals, which can contaminate the battery.

Check for Corrosion: Along with the water level, you should also check the battery for corrosion. It is the battery terminals, which are prone to rust and can hamper its performance. If the terminals are corroded, the flow of power to and fro from the battery gets affected. So, if you notice corrosion, then pour boiling water over it and clean it with a brush. After washing, you should oil the terminals to prevent rusting in the future.

Follow the above tips and enhance the shelf life and backup life of your home UPS battery. However, every battery has its life span and you will need to change it. If you are planning to change the battery, then give the SF Sonic UPS battery, a try. Innovative and reliable, it will not only complement the UPS system for years to come but will also ensure the safety of your pricey appliances and gadgets.

Come explore a variety of home UPS battery on SF Sonic website and buy a battery online or at a store near you and bid adieu to the power woes, forever.

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