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How to Protect Electronics & Fragile Items During a Move

There are thousands of parcels shipped across the country and an estimated 65 billion parcels shipped worldwide in 2016.

That’s a lot of business and a lot of happy customers. Unfortunately it’s not always a happy ending. Electronic items are particularly vulnerable to the rigors of delivery methods. An impact can damage them just as easily as a drop in temperature. This is why it is essential to develop the right protocols when packing these items; especially when you’re about to move long distance.

When moving most people will use the services of a removal firm. This makes sense as the firm will handle all the issues and have insurance against breakages. But, what if they unload and everything seems fine until later when you discover your electronics are not working properly?

Wrap It Properly

The first step must be to look at your wrapping procedure. Every fragile or electronic item should be wrapped in bubble wrap. It will then need to be placed into a box with other items; the perfect packing solution will ensure there is no space between any item in the box; this will prevent items from moving and becoming damaged in transit.

Unfortunately this is not always possible but packaging materials can be used to fill the gaps and help ensure items do not move.

Every box should be securely taped shut and labeled; that will ensure everyone is aware of the fragile items and where they are.

Use Impact Protection

If you take a look at the Shockwatch website, you’ll discover some innovative solutions to packaging damage. The impact protector is a simple unit that attaches to each of your boxes. You then set the parameters according to the device you’re using.

1. Impact

Once activated, this will tell you whether the box has received an impact above a certain rating. This may be fro it being dropped, slammed into another box or bashed while being carried.

You’ll know that the box has received an impact even if the damage is not visible. This will allow you to check the contents and pursue the matter with your removal firm if necessary.

2. Temperature

An alternative which is great for electronic items is the temperature indicator. This will tell you if the box has been exposed to temperatures above or below specified settings. As too warm or too cold can be extremely detrimental to electronic items this is a useful way of working out why your favorite music player has stopped working.

3. Angle

Unsurprisingly this indicator focuses on the angle of your boxes. If you specify that a box must be kept level but the indicator shows it has been twisted at 45° or even 90° then you’ll know to follow the matter up.

These damage indicators are not designed to encourage a blame culture. Instead they are meant to ensure that the removal men and courier services take the right amount of care with their parcels; being accountable will help to make sure this happens.

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