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Will Crowdsourcing Help You Find Your Next Job?

As with so many things, we can thank technology for the rapid acceptance of crowdsourcing as a normal part of today’s life, though the term was only coined in 2005. Crowdsourcing is the practice of gathering information from a crowd to generate ideas or resources for a particular goal.

A perfect example of this is Kickstarter, a company which allows people to crowdfund, or raise money to support projects, causes and business ideas. At this point, most people have contributed to a Go Fund Me or Kickstarter project as means of support.

In the coming years though, crowdsourcing will have even more of an impact on both employers and employees. How we work is changing, with a little more than half of the US workforce identifying as freelancers, and who often use freelance job sites to find their next gig.

According to the Freelancing in America Study from 2017, more than half the workforce will be working as freelancers within the next decade. That’s where crowdsourcing enters, as it will become even more essential in connecting employers, recruiters and professionals.

Why Crowdsourcing Works For Employers

Crowdsource job sites allow employers to save both time and money, while also reaching more potential candidates quickly, especially younger ones.

With crowdsourcing, employers deal more directly with candidates, eliminating middle men and the high costs of traditional recruiters. The recommendations come from the people who understand the industry best, whether they are specialized crowdsourcing recruiters or fellow employees within the industry. This means top-quality referrals are made, which also leads to a shortened recruitment process.

Millennials have changed the workforce, and companies are being forced to adapt. Companies are moving away from traditional hiring practices and moving toward crowdsourcing and social media platforms, where Millennials already have strong networks and are actively looking for new career opportunities.

Crowdsourcing can also boost employee engagement and improve company culture. Building and maintaining employee engagement is a well known issue for businesses. It’s costly when employees leave; companies take a hit in cost and employee morale. With crowdsourcing, employees feel they have a role in shaping the company culture and atmosphere by referring other quality employees who share their work ethic and values.

Why Crowdsourcing Works For Employees

With so many people freelancing, crowdsourcing platforms are often the best way to find the right jobs. Employees can search for available postings and opportunities and decide which fit in with their desired flexibility and salary. Freelancers remain independent and in charge of their own schedules and terms.

As mentioned, crowdsourcing also empowers company employees to participate in shaping the company culture. This leads to higher sense of job satisfaction for employees, as they feel valued and heard within the organization. It’s much easier to perform at one’s best when in a positive work environment.

Employees can also make additional money as a recruiter themselves, whether they are freelance or not. After searching open jobs on a crowdsource platform, an employee can send qualified leads of others from within their industry. If the applicant gets placed, the employee is paid like a recruiter. It can be an easy way to earn additional money by using one’s professional network.

Over the next few years recruiting and the workplace will continue to evolve thanks to Artificial Intelligence, new remote jobs, and the gig economy. The benefits of crowdsourcing will increasingly become more apparent to employers and employees who both want to improve the efficiency of the hiring process.

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Molly Powers is the Editorial Manager at Relode, where she creates content and resources to help healthcare professionals connect to new jobs and advance their careers. Relode is a crowdsourced healthcare recruiting platform that uses the power of relationships to connect the best candidates to opportunities from healthcare’s top employers. Learn more at

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