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The Road to Healing: Recent Advances in Clean Energy

Clean energy technology has been available for decades. The gap between knowledge and implementation, however, is still painfully apparent. Healing the environment is going to take time even without the constant influx of pollution. The current alternative energy options have made changes in some areas of the world. The availability to the public, however, has shown little progression. A new way to provide energy has taken the stage. Machinery that uses local resources and fits in a variety of locations is a promising solution.

The Concept

The concept of Biomass Ultima revolves around the real problems associated with clean energy availability. The current technology is adequate, yet difficult to administer in large doses. Biomass technology solves this issue by changing the way energy is produced. It takes what is available and turns the materials into energy. This remedies the issues involved with relocating expensive materials to various locations. This not only allows units to be set up in developed countries, but also in areas with minimal monetary resources. Biomass Ultima also guarantees less pollution by creating a closed system process. Nothing escapes into the environment. Most waste of the units can be used for other purposes, as well.


The cost of materials for things like wind turbines and solar panels makes it unattainable to many. There is little that can be done to remedy this issue in a timely manner. Continuing in the direction we are going only commits us to further damage of the place we live. Incoming technology introduces an affordable option by changing the materials necessary to power the machinery. Most alternative options have done away with machinery that processes fuel in lieu of using natural resources. This, however, does not work in all areas. Roberto Hroval is now backing the production of machinery that simply uses different fuel sources. The natural element is still present in the fuel. The means to share the energy, however is in the form of an easy to supply unit of machinery with low waste functionality.


It is unrealistic, at this point, to supply millions of people with solar energy. The manufacturing of materials, alone, would take years. Solutions need to be in place now if there is any hope to be found for healing. Biomass technology is a more realistic solution to the energy crisis. It can be implemented quickly instead of waiting for production to catch up with the need. The units can easily fit into different size areas, as well. This alleviates the need to wait for property to be available. Communities can work with the land already allotted.

The best way to begin fighting the pollution is to stop using traditional energy sources as soon as possible. There must be realistic solutions to the need for clean energy. Affordable energy with widespread availability is the only way to conquer the problem. Biomass has taken what we find convenient and put it to use in an environmentally friendly way.

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