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How to secure your database server

Almost all information in modern world is stored in the form of database. This is done because companies have to accumulate and manage huge volumes of information. So, keeping data in a database is the most efficient way of storing and managing data.

A question that immediately arises is how to keep data safe. Protecting something material is easy. But what happens if we talk about immaterial things like information. Information is stored in databases, databases are housed on servers. Mankind throughout all its history has been developing and perfecting the ways of protecting material things. So, most of us understand how to protect a server from being stolen, right? But what about immaterial things? Have we learned how to protect that too? Information is immaterial. Can we protect it, too? Yes, we can.

How is usually information and data stolen? Threats may come from the inside and outside. The most popular way or, I would say, the way you most often hear of in the mass-media are hackers and hacking attacks. Even multinational corporations fall prey to them. The other source of data loss and breaches is malice or negligence of company employees. But how can one control that, you may be asking.

Let’s take a team of talented coders with extensive experience in database security and ask them to create a product to protect your database. What will we get? Probably not a bad protection system for your databases. The market has some of these. Let’s take a team of super talented coders who’re committed to protecting your property, i.e your databases containing sensitive data. And don’t forget about huge experience of these people. What will we get? We’ll get a unique product to protect and secure proprietary databases. And we proudly present DataSunrise Database Security Suite. But what makes it so special? First of all and the most important, perhaps, it is the solution to your all database security problems.

DataSunrise Database Security Suite is the unique product of unparalleled force and effectiveness that takes database security to a completely new level unreachable for others. And here is what we have to offer.

DataSunrise Database Security Suite can be deployed in the Proxy mode. In this mode all queries to databases (and at the moment DataSunrise can protect more than 20 types of the most popular databases) go solely through DataSunrise Database Security Suite. This guarantees that hackers will not have access to your databases. In addition to that, you can grant and remove access rights from different groups of users within your company. None of the employees will have access to your whole database or the array of databases unless you decide they need this access. Database security with DataSunrise is effected through a set of user-modified Security Rules. Being highly versatile and adjustable these rules can be set to meet all database security requirements. Also, don’t be surprised, but DataSunrise can self-learn to increase the effectiveness of database security.

Another database security tool that DataSunrise can offer you is Database Activity Monitoring (Audit). This tool monitors and keeps track of all database activity. That is, you’ll have full visibility into everything happening inside your database. And everything here means really everything.

One more database security tool you might be very interested in is Data Masking. Data can be masked statically or dynamically depending on what your database security requirements are. It’s a fantastically convenient tool if you have to give access to your sensitive data to 3rd parties. And sometimes you have to.

Another tool that greatly increases database security is Sensitive Data Discovery. Data is added to databases daily. You may not be even aware that some of sensitive data is lying there unprotected. This tool makes sure it doesn’t happen!

Performance Monitoring is a tool that ensures that your whole database is always working stably. DataSunrise takes care of not only your database but also the stability of its operation. In case you need a tool that makes sure your whole database doesn’t crash, please, take a closer look at what DataSunrise has to offer you!

As you can see DataSunrise Database Security Suite offers a wide array of database security tool which can be used separately or all to together to ensure total database security.

Go to the DataSunrise website to download your free trial version of DataSunrise and get your database secured right now!

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