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Published on February 7th, 2020 | by Manish Gehlot


Big Data Technology – The Future of Mobile App Development

The mobile app development company is at its pinnacle. The demand for mobile app development is increasing day by day as almost every business is embracing it for the growth of the business ROI. There are over 4.57 billion people who are using smartphones right now. After seeing the tremendous growth in mobile users, it is evident for companies to invest in mobile app development for targeting their landscapes.

But one question that hits in everyone’s mind is how to boost ROI with mobile app development? One sure-shot way to out-perform and meet quality in the competition and achieving progress is by using big data analytics to derive quality insights from the information for making smarter, better fact-based, and real-time decisions regarding the design and development of mobile app solutions. These are the benefits that fueled the process of the application of Big Data platforms and tools. Big data can empower you to find hidden patterns and the preferences of the customer, which will automatically help you in developing futuristic apps.

With the blend of technology like big data, the e-Learning industry can effectively promote the eLearning apps to help the impoverished sections of the nation. Data analysis has become a vital part of industrial operations in today’s time.

Currently, top companies are adapting it within and outside the enterprises. It includes machine data, online, structured data, unstructured data, and mobile data to improve their organizational data. Furthermore, it provides the basis for statistical and predictive views.

What is Big Data Technology? Why are big companies applying big data technology?

Big Data Technology can be defined as a software tool that is designed to evaluate, process, and extract information from incredibly complicated and broad data sets that Traditional Data Processing software has never been able to handle. To analyze the massive amount of Real-time data, we need Big Data Processing Technologies and come up with Conclusions and Predictions to reduce future risks.

Classification of Big Data Technologies

Big Data Technology is primarily classified into two types:

* Operational Big Data Technologies: It is all about the typical day to day data that we generate, such as online transactions, social media, etc.

* Analytical Big Data Technologies.

The top companies that are using it to improve their company’s operations are Amazon, Starbucks, American Express, Netflix, etc.

Role of Big Data in Mobile App Development

* Analyze Customer Needs: A mobile app is considered excellent only when the developed app meets the needs of every potential user. Using big data, you can examine the massive flow of data that users generate on a day to day basis and can improve operational performance, streamline business methods, and uncover valuable insights that will drive profits and growth. By understanding the reaction and interaction of different backgrounds, age groups, and lifestyles, with mobile apps, you can formulate ideas for new and innovative quality apps. You can also boost the performance of the existing app with the help of big data.

* Real-Time Data Access: In this tech-savvy world, technology is evolving every day, and it becomes hard for the business to remain in touch with growing trends to stay ahead in the competitive market. Big data is come up with a deal for enterprises as it helps a great deal in keeping up with speed on the latest trends and developments in the market. Big Data covers real-time analytics of data (in-flight transitory). By examining real-time data, you can take real-time, data-driven decisions to enhance customer satisfaction and fetch more profits for the enterprise.

* Drive User Experience Analysis: Apart from customer needs, mobile app development also requires you to understand how users use your mobile app. With the help of big data, you can conduct a detailed analysis of user experience. With big data, you can look deeply at what people do online. As a result, it offers you to get a comprehensive view of customers. You can find hidden patterns and access information, which opens doors to user experiences that are more personal and engaging than ever before. You can understand which feature of your mobile app makes users spend more time and which causes them to leave. Thus, you can plan for changes or modifications in the design, improve user experience, and maximize engagement.

Final Words

In the world of mobile apps, it becomes a focal point of all information for business strategies. According to a survey, in 2020 the mobile app market will reach $189 billion. Although, there are many companies that are building mobile apps in every single day, you can boost app-performance and fuel user engagement by using big data. In this competitive market, it’s high time for top app development companies to use big data technology. Big data offers a comprehensive range of information about users’ behavior, for example, their requirement, preferences, etc. However, the need to hire experienced app developers is necessary who can use the data purchased by big data analytics effectively.

Big Data will be going to boom more in the near future.

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